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Hi there! I’m Melbourne dog & pet photographer, Kerry Martin. With my own adored furkids, I know how special & unique our pets are. I whole heartedly believe that pets are part of the family and, for this reason, specialise in photography for pets (& their people!) At Puppy Tales Photography we create incredible experiences to capture the connection that you have with your pets & what you love most about them.  From this we create a lasting tribute & deliver photography artwork that you can proudly display your home.

Puppy Tales Experiences

Studio Dogs

Have a smaller dog who might be ‘lost’ in a big location? Then let your dog’s personality take centre stage in the Puppy Tales Studio.

On Location Dogs

Does your dog have a favourite walk or a place that’s special to you both?Then an On Location Session is for you!

Snow Dogs

Have you ever wondered whether your dog would like playing in the snow? Learn more about Our Snow Dog Retreats.

Blossom Dogs

Would you LOVE to experience the fun of your dog picture perfect in the prettiness of spring blossoms? Learn more about our Blossom Dog Retreats.

Fall Dogs

Would you LOVE to experience the fun of your dog frolicking in the fall leaves of Autumn? Learn more about our Fall Dog Retreats.

Water Dogs

Would you LOVE to experience the fun of your dog racing through the waves & posing amidst the beauty of a water landscape? It’s the dog days of summer!

Growing Tales

Time goes so fast, it seems just the blink of an eye and you’ve gone from pint-sized puppy to a sofa-sprawler. Capture that fascinating 12 – 18 months with a series of four studio sessions.

Forever Sessions

Our Forever tribute sessions are reserved for those special occasions when there isn’t a moment to waste. Designed to cherish and honour the time you’ve spent with your pet and help say farewell.

Commercial Dogs

Puppy Tales Photography works with a select number of dog and pet-related businesses. We’re collaborative and take great pride in our ability to provide customised photographs that represent your pet-related products or business.

Choose your Puppy Tales adventure!

We have a range of Photography Experiences to suit all types of dogs and personalities. Choose from Studio Sessions, On Location Sessions, Doggy Retreats and more!

Artwork Inspired by your dogs!

At Puppy Tales Photography we want you to enjoy your pet portraits from the moment you receive them. This is why we specialise in fully finished wall art from quality suppliers. This is another reason why Puppy Tales Photography products are exceptional… just like our photographs.

Something to Bark About


All doggos are awesome and this project focuses on celebrating real dogs with all their crazy quirks, funny habits and the way they enrich our lives. Project Dogalogue project embraces all canines! We will include cross breeds and hybrids as well as purebreds. No doggo is left behind!

Dog Tales

Meet some of the adorable dogs we’ve had the wonderful honour to photograph & read their heartwarming tales.

Dog Life

Information, guidance and tips for helping your dog live their best life.  From getting your first dog through to senior care it’s all here – nutrition, health, products, training & behaviour, home living.  

Beyond the backyard

Looking for inspiration and tips for travel, activities, hikes, sports, events and dog friendly places you can enjoy with your best friend?  You’ll find it here! Because life is better with your dog by your side!

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