Buster the Golden Retriever Photographed in Autumn in Canberra

Buster’s Big Day Out – Autumn in Canberra

Meet the golden boy, that Golden Retriever, Buster, who I photographed in the beauty of Autumn in Canberra:

Name: Buster
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Golden Retriever
Pet Parents: Melissa & Josh
Session Location: Weston Park, Canberra

Autumn in Canberra is perfect for this photo of a Golden Retriever

There is something magical about early Autumn mornings. The world takes on a feeling of peace and quiet as the sun rises and casts its beautiful soft light on all it touches. And for this Canberra morning, this included good boy, Buster! Though the early wake-up call can be tough, it’s well worth it.

Autumn in Canberra highlights the beauty of this Golden Retriever

It was love at first sight for Melissa and Josh when they met Buster and his siblings. And when it was time to head to his new home, Buster all too happily hopped in the car with them and quickly settled in. Although his new pawrents were a little nervous to start, it was very quickly apparent he was the perfect fit for their little family. Buster was named after the dog from Toy Story – a film Melissa and Josh share a love of – Buster is every bit as joyful and loveable as his on-screen namesake.

Golden Retrievers captured in this gorgeous photo taken in Canberra

Buster’s excitable nature sometimes makes him easily distracted, and his eagerness to make new friends means he is prone to running up to people, especially to other dogs! That meant Melissa and Josh’s most significant concern going into his Canberra Fall Dog photo session was that he might be challenging to work with. In the end, this was the furthest thing from the truth. Everyone had fun with Buster, and he was the goodest boy!

A collage with Buster and his pawrents in autumn in Canberra

There are a couple of ways we worked with Buster’s parents to ensure a great time was had by all. During our Design Consultation appointment, we planned not only beautiful photos but also discussed the best approach to the session. We decided that a quieter spot would suit this happy boy best. Weston Park in Canberra at sunrise is not only made for an enchanting setting but one that is lovely and peaceful at that time.

Golden Retriever on top of a rock in Canberra

Our sessions go for around two hours, giving us plenty of time to explore our location and find the perfect spot for your family pawtraits. More importantly, it gives your pup the opportunity to settle into the environment and become comfortable with the photography process.

Golden Retriever standing in front of a beautiful green backdrop of trees

Buster started the session on his lead, giving him time to safely get used to his surroundings. We took things slowly, allowing plenty of time for breaks, play, and quiet time between Buster and his pawrents while paying attention to Buster’s body language and ensuring that he remained happy and calm. With lots of toys, yummy treats, and plenty of cuddles from his people, Buster had a wonderful time – as did his parents!

Buster and his fur parents during Autumn in Canberra

Want to see Buster’s Canberra Autumn Photo session in its entirety? Hit play to see their session slideshow:

Melissa and Josh were also thrilled with their morning out and the results. This was their lovely feedback:

Golden Retriever poses with his fur parents in Canberra during Autumn

If you’d love to immortalise your furry friend through a stunning autumn pawtrait experience, book your session online today!

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