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About Puppy Tales


Melbourne, VIC

Happy Dogs, Happy People

If your phone is dominated by photos of dogs, we’re barking up the same tree because the pawsome Puppy Tales community believe dogs aren’t just important to our lives, they are a source of tremendous joy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to make the most of life with dogs through:

  • Capturing and sharing photography to brighten the day of dog lovers everywhere
  • Sharing heartfelt & inspirational dog stories
  • Encouraging dog inclusive lifestyles, activities and adventures
  • Being a valuable resource of information on keeping dogs happy and healthy
  • Growing relationships and collaboration between like-minded people, businesses and brands
  • Sharing news and products of benefit to your dog or which make life with a dog easier

Is Puppy Tales for you?

Puppy Tales is for anyone who thinks puppies smell delicious or can’t help but smile when they meet a dog. We know the difference dogs make to life, so join us and celebrate this.

We’re a whole of exceptionally (exceptionally!) cute photos and more! Puppy Tales also offers practical info and tips; from veterinary advice to products that enrich life with your fur pal we cover a wide range of dog-centric topics.

You’ll also find a fantastic, active community of friendly dog lovers who engage pawsitively to encourage each other to be pawsome pet parents. In short, we’d love to play ball with you!

Puppy Tales content is created by regular contributors who are experts in their field such as veterinarians and our founder, an Australia pet photographer of the Year, Kerry Martin.


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