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The Puppy Tales Photography Experience

Our 5 step approach to Phodography™ you'll adore.

When you book your session experience with Puppy Tales, you’ll get:






1. Design your Session

We get to know (nose 😉) each other in paw-son. I learn all about your best bud so we can create the paw-fect photography experience for you & your dog.

01 Nose 3400x3400 1

If you ask most photographers, they’ll tell you they’re happy to photograph your dog … 

At Puppy Tales Photography we’re different: we don’t just ‘take photos of dogs’, we capture their true pawsonality. That is, their uniqueness and what you love most about them!

Because we LOVE dogs as much as you do, we:

  • Preserve your memories in stunning colour
  • Create an amazing, memorable experience that everyone will treasure
  • Let your dog’s true personality shine through
  • Choose styling and finishes that suit your home & your dog
  • Provide personalised attention at every stage

Yep, we tailor your photography session to perfectly suit you and your dog.

One of the best things about phodography with us, is the expertise we have in photography that truly captures the truly special, one-of-a-kind personality of your dog and beautifully compliments your home and the spaces you wish to display it. This includes the planning of your session (whether it will be in the studio or outdoors, colours/location to match, and so on) & the size and finish of the photography pieces to compliment your home. Of course, I’m also getting to know all the things you love about your dog and how we want to capture that.

This planning is done during the Design Consultation and it’s incredibly beneficial for both you and your dog. It means:

  • You have the opportunity to get to know me so you are more comfortable at your phodography session
  • I’m photographing to capture the results you’ll most cherish
  • You’ll have pricing information particular to what you would like and what is going to look the most amazing for your home

2. Preparation Time

Together we research the pawsibilities and make arrangements for the location & styling of your phodography session.

02 Scratch Sniff 3400x3400 1

In this step we’re getting everything ready for your pawfect phodography session.  Depending on your session & requirements, some of the things we may do include:

  • Arranging location permission or permits
  • Organising travel & accommodation
  • Purchasing or finding background, props or accessories
  • Location scouting
  • Studio setup & styling
  • Test shoots

Some things you may need to do in preparation:

  • Dog grooming
  • New outfit/s for yourself or your dog
  • People grooming
  • Shopping or purchases for anything to be included (updating your dog’s fav toy perhaps!)

3. The Phodographic Experience

Sit, Play, Pose, Snuggle….. It’s Session time!
Whether it’s a weekend away, an outing to somewhere beautiful or a studio session, you & your dog can have fun and be yourselves.

03 Sit Stay Click 3400x3400 1

The Best Bit! Generally speaking, your phodography session lasts 90 mins to 2 hours but it all depends on your dog (or the number of dogs you have) and what we want to achieve in the session. 

There’s no time limit – we can wait for your dog to warm up, to settle in, to wake up (or not if they are a puppy!), to perform that special trick or when we’ve made our way back from exploring an area. This is especially true of our retreats –as we head out to the most amazing, often unknown parts of the area.  

We’re usually finished when we have the photos we set out to capture in the Design Consultation, and either your dog or yourself is done (I can keep going and going and going when it comes to photographing an adorable dog!). 

Of course, our different sessions last different lengths of time because they have been created for different results, paces and styles.  Our Dogumentary sessions, for example, have many more quiet observing periods (or pup-arazzi as I call it). 

As well as my camera gear, I bring delicious doggo treats, noise makers, long leads, and any specific items that we may need for your session.  You’re welcome to bring along anything you’d like included – favourite toy, something meaningful to include, their cute bowtie etc.

An overview of the different phodography session experiences we offer:

SessionLocation BasedStudio BasedTypical Number of Pets*Overview
Seasonal Photo RetreatXNo1-3Puppy Tales can arrange dog-friendly accomodation at a variety of stunning locations for your session.
Travel Sessions XNo1-5Every year we plan trips to beautiful places around Australia for sessions.
On Location XNo1-5You choose the location within 40 minutes of the studio!
Studio Experience NoX1-3Stunning, tail-wagging studio photographs.
Four Seasons XNo1-3Fun and frolics across all four seasons.
Growing Tales NoXSingle Capture your dog’s growth from teeny puppy to fully grown dog.
Dogumentary Day XNo1-3Photographs taken over the course of a day.
Forever Photos XXSingleA tribute session for a critically ill pet.


Limited sessions are available each month. This helps us to preserve our unrivalled photography and service.  And our retreats often book out months in advance. It’s highly recommended that you book early to ensure availability and grab your preferred date.

4. Your Preview & Artwork Reveal

We’ll have tails wagging with joy at your pawsonalised viewing.
Here you’ll choose your favourite photos & decide on your im-paws-ably beautiful wallart pieces.


04 Premiere 3400x3400 1

Okay – this is the best bit too! We turn your dog’s magical moments into irresistible photo artwork.
Approximately one week after your session you’ll preview your photos and place your order. This will be at the studio, via zoom or, when we’re travelling, at a local cafe. We’ll begin with reliving your phodography session during your Slideshow Première. You’ll oooh and ahh at just how adorable your dog is. You’ll smile, giggle and sometimes tear up.

You may find yourself a little overwhelmed by the number of photos that you love from your session. It might feel that it’s going to be impossible to choose what to display on your walls!

Don’t worry though – we’ll happily assist you with narrowing down your selections and deciding on those that will look best on the walls in your home. We’re proud to offer a complimentary wall art design consultation during your ordering session. We’ve invested in software that takes all the guesswork out by showing you exactly what your amazing pawtraits will look like on the walls of your own home! You simply provide us with a photo or photos of where you’re thinking you’d like your artwork.

Take a look through the beautiful wallart and products we offer to help you decide what you’d love to achieve from your phodography experience.

We accept credit card payments and offer customised interest-free payment plans for your photography orders, so you can choose as many beautiful pawtraits as you’d like to give you a lasting memory of your dog for many years to come.

5. Take A Bow

You and your dog’s precious pawtraits are ready to be proudly displayed in your home, showing a lasting memory of them and our paw-fect day!

05 Bow 3400x3400 1

Display your artwork somewhere where you can enjoy it every day – relive the moments, remember the fun, giggle at your dog’s antics and just be appreciative that you have such an amazing canine companion. 

That’s what makes photography that you display in your home so incredibly special and important.

Enjoy your pawtraits from the moment you receive them! We specialise in fully finished wall art from production labs with amazing products, exceptional attention to detail and an outstanding quality of finish. We take care of all your framing & mounting needs, so you can be confident your beautiful pawtraits will last for years to come. 

Pickup or shipping options are available too, so you and your dog can enjoy your beautiful pawtraits sooner!

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