Momo the Australian Shepherd | Dog Photo Session in Berwick

Meaningful Moments with Momo the Australian Shepherd

Meet Momo! The Australian Shepherd really brought so much joy and meaningful memories with her family in this dog photo session in Berwick:

Name: Momo

Age: 1-year-old

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Pet Parents: Laurie & Max

Human sibling: Bowie

Session Location: Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Beautiful dog photography session at Wilson Botanic Park with Momo the Australian Shepherd

We often talk about dogs being a best friend, but we don’t always discuss the impawtance of them being their first friend.

Momo the Australian Shepherd dog photo session with family at Wilson Botanic Park

Gentle, caring, empathetic Aussie Shepherd, Momo is seven-month-old Bowie’s favourite companion. She lights up whenever Momo is nearby. Only a few months separate them in age, and the photos from their session will serve as beautiful first memories as they grow up together. My biggest joy in photography families with their dogs and other pets is helping to record these special moments and milestones as part of a family’s legacy.

Dog photography session at Wilson Botanic Park with Momo the Australian Shepherd and her family

Having pets from a young age teaches children compassion, respect, responsibility, trust, and patience. And let’s not forget that dogs and small children usually match each other’s energy – if you let them run around together and tire each other out, bedtime for both will be a breeze 😉.

Gorgeous closeup of Momo for her dog photo session at Wilson Botanic Park


But Momo isn’t just a perfect playmate for Bowie.

Momo the Australian Shepherd has a dog photo session with her family in Berwick

After Lauri and Max tragically lost their first baby at 24 weeks, they made the decision to welcome a dog to their family. Fate intervened a few weeks later when they bumped into a couple walking their Australian Shepherd, who had the same name they were going to give their son. They knew it was meant to be and were blessed with Momo when the couple put them in touch with their breeder. Our dogs can be an endless source of joy and support through difficult times, especially when they are as loving as Momo.

An Australian Shepherd named Momo is photographed at Wilson Botanic Park

“If only our dogs could live longer. So to have a forever memory of him and him with us would mean the absolute world.” – Lauri & Max

A beautiful family have a dog photo session in Berwick

One of the priorities of this session was capturing Momo’s gentle nature and this beautiful family bond, particularly the friendship between Momo and Bowie! These were balanced with dynamic action pics showing Momo’s cheeky and playful side in their dog photo session in Berwick. Altogether this leaves Lauri and Max with plenty of memories that reflect all aspects of their beloved family and kids at their precious age.

Momo the Australian Shepherd having the time of her life for her dog photography session

If you want to see the full slideshow of Momo’s photo session at Wilson Botanic Park, then click play below to check it out:

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