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Studio Dogs

Do you have a smaller dog who might be ‘lost’ in a big location or a dog who gets super distracted outdoors?

Then let your dog’s personality take centre stage in the studio against our backgrounds and settings.

For some four-leggers, such as less mobile, elderly, or injured dogs the studio setting provides the paw-fect solution for quality professional photographs. 

However, you don’t need a reason to opt for the studio, simply loving the finish of studio photography is enough. 

Indeed, in winter the cosiness of a studio is more predictable than the Melbourne weather (except on our snow locations of course!)

At Puppy Tales Photography, our exquisite studio provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the unique personality of every dog we photograph. 

We have backdrops, props, accessories and stylings to cater for each unique canine character. 

Studio photography is also a great way to include harmonious colour to complete an interior design scheme. 

From the simplicity of a black or white background, to eye-catchingly colourful, to stylish rustic wood, our studio photography is a synergy of capturing character and beautiful art.

Weekdays $228, Saturdays $258

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