Warburton Photography Session with Dogs | Jorgie, Pippa & Harley

Jorgie, Pippa & Harley the Serendipitous Fur Siblings

Names: Jorgie, Pippa & Harley

Ages: 13 years old, 4 years old & 1½ years old

Breeds: Chihuahua Mix, Border Collie (blue merle) & Border Collie (sable)

Pet Parent: Sarah

Session Location: Warburton, Victoria

Two border collies and a chihuahua mix dogs have a Warburton photography in Victoria during autumn

Even with the odds seeming stacked against them, fate intervened to bring Sarah the pawfect pooch not once, not twice, but thrice!

Beautiful pet photography session in Warburton featuring three dog siblings named Jorgie, Pippa and Harley

Despite Jorgie being born of an ‘oopsy’ between Sarah’s mum’s dog and her grandmother’s dog, the moment she was born, Sarah knew she was hers!

Pippa was a miracle that came into Sarah’s life when she most needed her. Her precious Jack Russell, Jake, had been the most amazing dog and was nearing the end of his time. Sarah knew she wanted to bring a new pup into her life before he passed, and she knew Pippa was her pawfect match at first sight. With disappointment, she found out that she was already earmarked for another family, but the buyer had to pull out, bringing Sarah and Pippa together.

Once the Border Collie bug bit, Sarah wanted another! Although she had to wait three long years for Harley, it was worth it when she discovered they were perfectly compatible pups.

This Warburton photography session with dogs Jorgie, Pippa and Harley was my first time photographing in this beautiful part of the state! The ruffest part of coming to this location was choosing where to take our photos! Between bushy backdrops, fairytale forestry and amazing Autumn colours, we were spoilt for choice.

A Warburton photography session with dogs during the autumn season with the pets named Jorgie, Pippa and Harley the best siblings

We settled (finally) on an area around the river, and the slight drizzle in the air produced a magical haze over the background for some of the group photos. I was so pleased Sarah opted to pose for some photos too! Her priority was coming out of the day with a photo celebrating the bond between her dogs, but we managed to squeeze in plenty of group snaps documenting the love she shares with them as well.

Border Collies and a Chihuahua mix have a dog photography session in Warburton as they show off their bond as dog siblings in the autumn backdrop

“After losing Jake, I really want to capture and cherish everything possible, just sorry I didn’t do something like this before I lost Jake” – Sarah

Jorgie, Pippa and Harley have a stunning photo session in Warburton during autumn with the beautiful hues of the leaves as their backdrop

We never get enough time with our precious dogs, and there is no time like the present to create a furever tribute to your dog. Jorgie has also very sadly passed in the time since our session, but Sarah will always have these photos to remind her of happy memories with her beautiful best girl because of their Warburton photography session with dogs in Victoria.

Warburton photography session with dogs named Jorgie, Pippa and Harley with the gorgeous autumn background as they pose for the camera

Want to see more? Hit play on the video for an exclusive photo tour of these three fur siblings’ photo session:

If, like Sarah, you’d love to ensure you have beautiful lasting memories with your dog, book your session today. In addition to our normal on-location sessions, I am honoured to be participating in Tails of the World again, a limited-edition book project that suppawts animal rescue. I will be photographing 8 sessions across regional Victoria, so shake your tail to our website to secure your dog’s chance of being featured in Tails of the World.

Dog photo session for you to turn into beautiful memories in the future so you can preserve your dog and their love as long as you can

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