Obi & Adia – Playful Pomeranian Pals

Meet Obi & Adia and see how they made spring look even more wonderful in these Pomeranian dog photos in Berwick:

Names: Obi (Sable) & Adia (Chocolate & Tan)

Ages: 3 years & 1 year

Breed: Pomeranians

Pet Parent: Natalie

Session Location: Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Playful Pomeranians for their dog photo session in Berwick


This beautiful Spring session celebrates human and canine companionship – both on and off camera.

Obi and Adia the Pomeranians for a dog photo session in Berwick

Humum Natalie fell in love with Obi as soon as she saw his cheeky little face, and his name (Nigerian for heart) reflects it! He was the last puppy from his litter to find a home but ended up being the perfect fit for Natalie. This was none more true than when the family expanded with the arrival of Adia.

Adia and Obi balance each other beautifully.

Two Pomeranians photographed in Berwick

Obi is a little socialite who loves being the centre of attention. Adia doesn’t like new people as much and is happy to be the steady, reliable supporting character to Obi’s star power. At playtime, though, they are a perfect match. Both are as intense as the other!

Cute dog photos in Berwick featuring two Pomeranians

We’re often asked if extended family members or close friends can be part of a photo session or a helpful set of extra hands. They’re not only allowed to join but encouraged to do so!

Anyone who is an impawtant part of you or your pet’s life is welcome to come along. For this session, Natalie was joined by her mum, Virginia, and her sister, Natasha.

Obi and Adia look cute as ever for their dog photos in Berwick

Whether they want to be in the final photos or just enjoy the memory with you, having an extra presence that your dog trusts can really add to the experience. On a practical note, you’ll be grateful for an extra pair of hands to help you hold treats, toys, and props and even help with posing your dog! An additional familiar presence can also help to reassure anxious pooches and stop them from getting distracted. When photographing more than one dog, a friendly face can also keep one of the pups entertained while you get solo pawtraits with another.

Adorable dog photos of Obi in Berwick
Adia with a beautiful background in Berwick

One of the fun challenges of this session was catering to the dogs themselves. Obi and Adia are both tiny (3.5kg and 2.5kg, respectively), so we found creative ways to highlight their larger-than-life pawsonalities! That makes them really stand out as the subjects of the photos while still showcasing our beautiful location! As with any pet parent, Obi and Adia mean the world to Natalie, and it was important to her that the photos capture their essence and personalities.

Adia and Obi having fun in their dog photography session in Berwick

Don’t miss out on Obi & Adia’s full photo session! Check out session slideshow for a cuteness overload (that you can handle):

If you want to record special memories with your dogs, like Natalie, with her Pomeranian dog photos in Berwick, book your Pawtrait Session experience here! I also offer a complimentary 15-minute Creative Visioning Call if you’re not 100% sure! Here you can learn more about our pawsonalised and considered approach to photographing dogs.

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