Bella & Riley, the Pawfect Matches for their Pawrents!

Meet Bella & Riley, the adorable duo who are the perfect pair for their pawrents for their dog photography in Victoria, particularly in Emerald Park Lake in the Dandenong Ranges:

Names: Bella & Riley

Ages: 5 years old & 1 year old

Breeds: Japanese Spitz & Finnish Lapphund

Pet Parents: Mikayla & Aaron

Session Location: Emerald Park Lake in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

Dog photography in Victoria during Autumn with the pets Bella and Riley

We’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that sometimes our dogs naturally gravitate towards specific members of the family. Luckily, in a house with two pups, you’ll often find them each pawtnering up with a different member of a couple.

Bella and Riley the Japanese Spitz and Finnish Lapphund have a dog photography session in Victoria during the Autumn season

That is exactly the case for the beautiful family of Mikayla and Aaron and their amazing dogs, Bella and Riley. And luckily, that means no one gets left out!

Finnish Lapphund and Japanese Spitz dog photography in Victoria, at the Dandenong Ranges with their human parents
Bella and Riley pose in front of the trees in the beautiful scenery of the Emerald Park Lake during Autumn

Bella is a princess who adores her dad and loves nothing more than curling up with him for a lazy Sunday.

“Bella loves a lazy day in bed or going for drives. She really is a princess.”

Riley is a cheeky little firecracker filled with adventure who matches her mother’s energy pawfectly. We wanted to capture Riley’s zest for life and goofiness as she runs with her tongue sticking out and throws her toys in the air.  

“We told the breeder we wanted high energy and Riley is that!”

Bella’s one concession to the spirit of adventure is sailing round their pool on boogie boards and playboats. Her pawrents were eager to capture this during their dog photography in Victoria. A boogie board, however, wouldn’t quite have matched our beautiful nature surroundings in Emerald Park Lake. So Mikayla crafted an amazing, natural-looking raft from slabs of bark and floatation devices. We did face some trouble with it falling apart in the water, but we managed to reconstruct it and record some fabulous photos of Bella looking regal on her watery throne!

Japanese Spitz and Finnish Lapphund have a dog photography in Victoria, showing off their personalities and creating memories together

My goal is always to capture the aspects of your pup’s pawsonality you love the most, so I love it when we come up with ideas that highlight an impawtant part of your lives together, or something they do that makes you smile. I’m ready to try anything to get the best photo to tell your story! It may not always go to plan, but sometimes that leads to even better ‘in the moment’ photos, and certainly furbulous memories of the session.

Adorable dog photos of Bella and Riley for their dog photography session in Victoria wearing matching rain coats

Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of this video slideshow of Bella & Riley if you want to see more of their cuteness:

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Bella and Riley the Japanese Spitz and Finnish Lapphund dogs have a pet photography session

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