Riley & Ellie | Australian Terrier Studio Session

Riley & Ellie, affectionate Aussie Terriers!

Meet the affectionate and playful Riley & Ellie! This Australian Terrier Studio Session at Puppy Tales Botanic Ridge Studio in Melbourne really captured their charm and loveable nature:

Names: Riley & Ellie

Ages: 1.5 years & 4.5 months        

Breeds: Australian Terriers

Pet Parent: Trish

Session Location: Puppy Tales Botanic Ridge Studio

Australian Terrier studio dog session in Melbourne

While it’s often said that dogs are a person’s best friends, that’s overlooking the incredible bonds our dogs share with each other.

Bringing a new dog into an existing fur family can be a time of celebration or a time of upheaval. While you’ll always hope a puppy will slot neatly into an established family or pack, it’s impossible to know until your pooches bump noses.

Adorable Australian Terriers show off their playful and charming side

In the case of Riley and Ellie, it was a dream meeting.

When Trish’s Maltese Cross, Zoe, sadly passed away, she started contacting Australian Terrier breeders. She had missed the dogs she’d had as a child. A few months later, she put her name down for a girl from a litter of pups, and Riley joined the family.

A studio portrait of two sweet Australian Terriers

Only ten months later, sadness struck again when their other old dog, Dusty, passed away from Lymphoma. Eager for Riley to have a friend to play with, they put their name down for another girl. Ellie was soon welcomed, and both Trish and Riley fell in love instantly.

Close-up of a cute Australian Terrier staring at the camera with a toy

These two are the yin and yang of one another. Riley is loyal, smart, and extremely loving, while Ellie is a bit of a clown. She’s always doing zoomies and stealing footwear – and it’s impossible to catch her and retrieve them!

“I actually wish I had done this with all of our previous dogs.  I really want some beautiful photos that I can look at and smile at.  Something I can cherish for the rest of my days here on earth.” – Trish

An energetic Australian Terrier captured in a photo

Trish wanted to add photos to her home that would capture Riley and Ellie’s deep affection for one another. One of the main things Trish hoped to record in this Australian Terrier studio session is their individual and combined playfulness and cheekiness!

A professional studio session capturing the unique features of an Australian Terrier

Our pre-session Design Consultation helps guide the mood and visuals of the photography session. In this case, we decided on warm, earthy tones and greys that complement both Riley and Ellie’s beautiful colouring and Trish’s home. If you have a preference for a specific colour palette, a studio session is a great option, as it gives you pawfect control over the aesthetic of the final photos!

An Australian Terrier sitting on top of a person's lap


Another benefit of the design consultation is that it gives you an opportunity to talk through any concerns or apprehensions you might be feeling. In Trish’s case, she was uncertain that she wanted to be in any photos as she typically doesn’t like having her photo taken. But after some chatting, she took the chance, and they ended up being her favourite photos of herself!

Two best friends, Australian Terriers, posing for their studio dog session

And I’ll always recommend being in some photos with your dogs! Even if it’s just a few or not 100% comfortable or sure. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity or a professional photographer with the knowledge, experience and gear to make you all look furbulous together. Too often, we are behind the camera or iPhone taking snaps of our beautiful dogs. We are, however, incredibly big parts of our dogs’ life stories, and they are in ours. Photographing people and their pets, it’s a beautiful way to capture the connection you both share.

If you’re su-paw keen to see even more of Riley & Ellie’s playtime in our photography studio, check out their adorable session slideshow:

Would you love to immortalise your furry friend through an unforgettable pet pawtrait experience? Book your session today!

{And if you’re not sure about session style, then you’re welcome to book a complimentary Creative Visioning Call where we’ll chat about your pawtrait goals and create the customised experience you’re looking for}

Australian Terriers showcasing their charming personalities for their studio session

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