Beautiful Snow Photos with Five Finnish Lapphunds

Five Floofy Finnish Lapphunds Frolic in the Snow

This session sees five beautiful (and boisterous!) Finnish Lapphunds at their snow dogs photography session in Dinner Plain. First, let’s meet the dogs (and tell them apart if you can!). We have
🐾 Jaska – 10 years old. He’s the black, white, and tan Lappie with a longer coat.
🐾 Dukino – 8 years old. She’s the black, tan, and white Lappie with spectacles.
🐾 Astrid – 6 years old. She’s mostly black, with brown legs, a white chest, silver booty and spectacles.
🐾 Arn – 6 years old. He’s the black, tan, and white lad with spectacles and shorter fur.
🐾 Wunjo – 3 years old. She’s black, tan, and white with spectacles and darker features.
And we also have their hu-mummy: Jessica

Snow photos of Finnish Lapphunds named Jaska, Dukino, Astrid, Arn, and Wunjo, standing in the middle of the snowy landscape, their thick fur coats keeping them warm.

(^^^ That’s all of them together…. how’d you go telling who’s who? ????)

Snow Photos of Finnish Lapphunds

Jessica, one of her human best friends – Kat, and her floofy brood of Finnish Lapphunds overnighted in Newlands Arms before their Snow Dogs Photography Session. It meant an early start to get up to Dinner Plain for sunrise, but the glorious conditions we had and the resulting photos were well worth it. Golden light shone through a light snowfall to produce a dreamy winter wonderland – a perfectly majestic backdrop for these pawfectly majestic fluffballs!

Five Finnish Lapphunds and their loving fur mom, all looking happy and content in the snow.

Jaska is everyone’s favourite boy. This happy-go-lucky hound has a sunny disposition and a gentle caring instinct that’s seemingly at odds with his loud temperament. He’s long and lean – really just a slim hound on legs covered with a lot of fluff!

A snow photo of a Finnish Lapphund standing proud in the snow, its unique breed characteristics on full display.

Jaska and Jessica have a long history, and with him having some health issues, it’s incredibly special that he’s still with her. Because of this Jessica, she was particularly eager to celebrate him and his snow trip by making wonderful memories and capturing them together in photographs. Memories that will spread joy – just like Jaska does!

Jaska, the Finnish Lapphund, and his proud fur mom pose for a photo in the snow, with a big grin on her face in a beautiful snowy background.

Dukino is the mum of the group – literally!

Snow photo of a Finnish Lapphund perched on a log, its gaze fixed directly on the camera lens. The confident stance and curious expression of the Nordic Spitz breed make for a charming and captivating photograph

Astrid and Arn were born in her first litter of pups, and Wunjo in her second. The rest of Astrid and Arn’s litter sadly fell ill, and these two have been with Jessica ever since.

Gorgeous snow photo of two Finnish Lapphunds in the snow, sharing a moment of comfort and love.

When Wunjo was born, Jessica wasn’t planning to keep a puppy from the litter, but Wunjo’s playfulness and happy disposition won her over – even if she did come out of the womb screaming at the top of her little lungs! And making noise is something she continues to this day!

A Finnish Lapphund stands tall on a snowy log, its eyes fixed intently on the camera. The majestic breed, with its curious expression, appears confident and regal in the peaceful winter scene.

While photographing dogs and capturing special memories for their humans is both fun and rewarding, working with a group this size can be a bit of an extra challenge! Take five already buoyant dogs and add beautiful fluffy snow and you get extreme levels of energy and more than a little chaos.

Snow photo of Finnish Lapphunds basking in the snow, their individual personalities shining through

Having an extra set of hands around to help keep the excitable pups in check was certainly helpful. And while the session did take a little longer than normal, it was well worth it for the joyful memories captured!

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking beauty of the snow photos of Finnish Lapphunds! Click now on the YouTube video to witness their stunning photography shots and be amazed by the grace and elegance of these majestic creatures in the winter wonderland.

For Jessica, these photos will forever serve as a celebration of the light and joy her dogs bring into her life. Together they have faced injuries, illness, and a few simply bizarre incidents – like the time Jaska got leeches on his eyeballs – and these special memories with her fur family and best friend are something to cherish furever.

A collage of photos capturing the joy and playfulness of the five Finnish Lapphunds in the snow.

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