Keen to Paw-tner with Puppy Tales?

We’re obsessive about dogs, adore stunning photography, addicted to travel, and our community is pawsome!

Our missions is to inspire & guide people to live their most pawsome life. That is, a life where they make the absolute most of the time they have with their dogs. We create photography and content that celebrates the bonds we have with dogs and champions dog-inclusive lifestyles. And in doing so, bring more happiness to dogs and people.

Puppy Tales can provide your business with opportunities to understand, connect, and engage with Australian pet parents & dog lovers through content creation, collaborative marketing & brand building, and product co-creation, in support of your business goals.

We approach each new partnership with fresh eyes (& alert ears), with the aim of finding unique and effective ways to boost business and spread our messages.

Our Values

1. Be Passionately Pawsitive noun paw print 1342190 FFFFFF

Be Passionately Pawsitive

2. Be Playful noun retirement 1048370 FFFFFF

Be Playful

3. Be Curious noun questioning 4397866 FFFFFF

Be Curious

4. Be Exploring noun hiking 3799677 FFFFFF

Be Exploring

5. Be Creative noun photography 1250714 FFFFFF

Be Creative

6. Be Authentic Storytellers noun book 1559397 FFFFFF

Be Authentic Storytellers

7. Be Better noun star 1270072 FFFFFF

Be Better

8. Be Delightful noun love heart 1535045 FFFFFF

Be Delightful

9. Be Inclusive noun dog walk 2888695 FFFFFF

Be Inclusive

10. Be a Business for Good noun world peace 2942849 FFFFFF

Be a Business for Good

Puppy Tales gives Dog Lovers something to bark about...

& in short, we’d love to play ball with you!

We’re always open to new and exciting collaboration and partnership opportunities. We’d to hear your ideas about how we can work together. We’re always keen to grow our pack, and we’d love to help you do the same.


Opportunities for partnership and collaboration extend across:

  • Kerry’s award-winning and heartfelt pet photography services & library;
  • Special projects, philanthropy and advocacy for dog lovers like the Australian Dog of the Year Awards, Project Dogalogue and, our soon to be released book, Dog Tales of Australia.
  • Content development, creation and sharing around dogs, dog photography and dog inclusive travel & adventures.
  • Masterclasses & Workshops in Dog Photography & Travelling with Pets.

We’d love to start a discussion and explore how we might work together.

Connect with Kerry

Our Paw-tners

Puppy Tales is grateful for some wonderful businesses who have collaborated with us on our journey.

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