Intergenerational Pals | Galah Studio Session in Melbourne

Celebrating intergenerational companions with Gabbie the Galah

Join us as we celebrate the beauty and value of cross-generational friendships with Gabbie the Galah Studio Session in Melbourne. Come and meet her:

Name: Gabbie
Age: 23 years old
Breed: Pink & Grey Galah
Pet Parents: Chloe and her daughter, Sophia
Session Location: Puppy Tales Botanic Ridge Studio

Gabbie the Galah perched on a tree branch

Gabbie fell into human Chloe’s life (literally) when she was just a chick. Chloe was only 9 when Gabbie fell out of a tree where they were living, and she began hand-raising her while she recuperated.

gabbie the galah in between a colourful branch

While Galahs are typically wild birds, native to Australia, you can apply for a permit to keep one – which is exactly what Chloe’s family did when they realised how tame Gabbie was and that her temperament following recuperation was better suited to staying in a loving home than being released into the wild.

I travelled around Australia for three years as a kid, and Gabbie was with us for much of that. She was my ‘first’ child ~ Chloe

gabbie the galah posing between a branch of flowers

Having a bird companion is a truly wonderful thing, especially if you consider their long lifespans. You get to share so many years with them! Galahs can live to around 40 in the wild but are likely to live as long as 80 years when well looked after in captivity! This gives Chloe a lifetime of beautiful memories with her feathered companion and many more, even from today, to look forward to. Gabbie was her best friend through her childhood, and she now gets to experience all those same growing-up milestones alongside Chloe’s daughter, Sophia!

gabbie the galah with her pet family

Having travelled all over Australia with her, having a beautiful photography keepsake will just mean the world to me ~ Chloe

a playful photo of a galah and her human sister

One of our focuses for this Galah studio session in Melbourne was to capture the connection between all three ladies. One of these photos – which was also Chloe’s selection for a large wall art piece – features the boots she wore for her wedding, adding another layer of continuity to the milestones represented in the photos.

Galah photo session

Keeping Gabbie prominent as the star of the show presented a fun, creative challenge as she is much smaller than my usual studio guests! Being a springtime session gave us plenty of opportunity to include gum leaves and other native plants, which was part of Chloe’s vision for the photos.

gabbie the galah studio pet photography session

You might not see many birds on the Puppy Tales website, but they are most welcome here! I’ve photographed chickens, budgies, and cockatiels before, but Gabbie was the first Galah. You can meet some of them in the “Other Pets & Animals” Gallery!

galah spreading wings for pet photography session

For even more of the ‘tweet’ moments of Gabbie, Chloe and  Sophia watch their session slideshow:

Animal companions of all shapes and sizes are welcome in the Puppy Tales studio, so if you would also like to immortalise your furry OR feathered friend through an unforgettable pet photography experience, book your session today

Gabbie the galah cta

I also offer a creative visioning call ahead of booking to go over the options that we have, chat about your ideas and answer your questions to discover the best session style for you.

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