Big Fun with Boxer Lulu

Meet Lulu! A Boxer photographed at Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick for her stunning sunset dog photo session:

Name: Lulu
Age: 10 years old
Breed: Boxer
Pet Parent: Kate
Session Location: Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Lulu and her pet pawrent photo session in Wilson Botanic Garden


John Steinbeck once said, “A dog is a bond between strangers.”

Nowhere is that more true than in the case of Lulu and her hu-mum Kate. Eight years ago, Kate adopted Lulu through the Boxer Rescue Network. While her owner at the time loved Lulu deeply, he couldn’t look after her anymore, and she needed a new home. Kate adopted Lulu and has remained in touch with him ever since – both of them are grateful for the other and their ties to Lulu.

Lulu the Boxer's dog photography session at Wilson Botanic Park


Kate and Lulu quickly bonded, thanks to Lulu’s sweet, gentle temperament and intuitive soul. She always knows what the humans around her need and is there to offer extra love and suppawt. This was exemplified when she volunteered as a therapy dog in a nursing home – always on her kindest and gentlest behaviour. Lulu is also full of fun, with a playful streak best represented when she gets zoomies. Her snaggle tooth is also guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. She’s just impossible not to love.

“She’s my canine soulmate” ~ Kate

Closeup of Lulu the Boxer in her photo session in Wilson Botanic Park


While she loves a walk, Lulu is a total homebody at heart, choosing comfort over adventure at all times.She loves snoozing on the couch or bed and has even learnt how to rearrange the pillows for maximum cosiness.


Lulu the boxer and her human photographed near a lake in Wilson Botanic Park


Lulu’s allergies may be a contributing factor to her not loving the outdoors, and they were also the inspiration for The Saltiest Dog, a raw dog food brand started by Kate. High-quality nutrition is a key part of managing allergies in dogs, and The Saltiest Dog aims to make raw feeding easier than ever. They deliver country-wide (although frozen products are limited to Melbourne and some areas of regional Victoria) and come highly recommended by the in-house purveyors of taste here at Puppy Tales – Keiko and Summer!


Lulu the boxer photographed with the beautiful flowers in Wilson Botanic Park


As Lulu got older, Kate wanted to create some memories that she could treasure forever. The beautiful soft light in this sunset dog photography session at Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick provided the perfect backdrop for images of this gentle soul.


Lulu the boxer is looking fun and happy at her photo session in Wilson Botanic Park


“It breaks my heart to think of life without Lulu, so these photos will be such a precious gift.” ~ Kate


Gorgeous shot of Lulu the Boxer with her human in Wilson Botanic Park


Ready for more eye candy from Lulu the Boxer? Click play on the video for more additional photos:



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