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Lisa Miller,
Founding Editor

Puppy Tales is the perfect place to find articles about caring for and enjoying life with your dog. From dog health to photography tips and cool products, we want to help you live the best life with your dog! Read more →

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  • Headshot of Charlotte Reeves Charlotte Reeves

    Charlotte is a pet photographer who specialises in dogs.

  • Headshot of Dr Abbie Tipler Dr Abbie Tipler

    Abbie is a Small Animal Veterinarian with 10 years experience.

  • Headshot of Alla Keogh Alla Keogh

    Alla is a qualified Small Animal Nutritionist who runs FoodiePooch.

  • Headshot of Jennifer Phelan Jennifer Phelan

    Jen encourages people to lead an active and inclusive life with their dogs.

  • Headshot of Michelle O'Brien Michelle O’Brien

    Michelle is an accomplished dog trainer with over 12 years experience.

  • Headshot of Helena Kosh Helena Khosh

    Helena runs an online fashion business that specialises in neckerchiefs for dogs.


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