Australian Dog of the Year Award

At this time of year, there’s a lot of attention given to the hooman Australians of the Year. Hoomans are furbulous, but where would we be without our faithful furry friends?

Because our dogs have made such an incredible impact in our lives, Puppy Tales is proud to head up the search for the 2022 Australian Dog of the Year for the second year!

The True Spirit of Australia

Our dogs, fur babies, canine companions and furry offsiders have brought us through an extremely tough couple of years and they have continued to contribute to society in many, many ways. To recognise the services they provide in communities, to humans and their unyielding devotion in the face of gloomy pawrents, tough times, and the occasional vacuum cleaner, we’re looking to acknowledge pooches from across Australia.

We’re looking for the canine that represents the essence of the Australian doggo — love, courage, inspiration, assistance and fur-iendship.

Is your doggo the noblest of pooches? Do they embody the spirit to be the Australian Dog of the Year? Submit your nomination below for the chance to win some pawsome prizes and of course the coveted title of Australian Dog of The Year!

The Prizes

  • The Australian Dog of the Year Title & Personalised Trophy 
  • $500 Pet Circle Gift Card
  • $1000 donation to the registered charity or not-for-profit organisation of the winner’s choice
  • $1000 gift card for a Puppy Tales Photography Session
  • Media Campaign with Pet Journo announcing your title to the Australian Media

People's Choice Winner

  • $250 Pet Circle Gift Card
  • $100 donation to the registered charity
  • $750 Gift Card for a Photography Session with Puppy Tales
  • Media Campaign with Pet Journo announcing your title to the Australian Media

Nominee's Prize Draw

We know that all doggos are deserving of acclaim, so we’re going to hand out TEN (10) Puppy Tales Photography gift cards other good bois and girls to show our appreciation for all Aussie fur babies (even if they don’t win the main prize)!

  • $450 Puppy Tales Photography Gift Card

What kind of dogs are we looking for?

Because our doggos are as wonderfully diverse as our nation, there’s no knowing which pupper is going to earn the title of the Australian Dog of the Year. Any dog who has made an impact in the lives of people, other animals or the environment could be selected as a finalist and win! Here’s a list of some of the kinds of dogs we’d love to hear from and showcase in our awards:

  • Guide dogs or hearing dogs
  • Therapy dogs in their wide variety of roles
  • Dogs who have helped someone with disabilities or health challenges
  • Dogs in reading programs or assistance at schools
  • Dogs involved in wildlife detection or protection
  • Dogs who have located, rescued or saved people, or other pets
  • Police and combat dogs
  • Other working dogs
  • Dogs that are blood donors
  • A best friend who has gotten you through a tough time (like the last two years of a worldwide pandemic 🙄)

Not all have an incredible su-paw talent (unless chewing on furniture is a talent!), but there’s no doubt they have all changed the lives of their hoomans!

My own dogs, Keiko and Summer, are included in this group — they give my days fun, exercise and meaning. I don’t know what my life would look like without them, and for this Aussie fur-mum, they are the Australian doggos of the decade! They, along with the many, many amazing dogs I’ve photographed as a dog photographer are the inspiration behind these awards. I want to share stories of their amazing feats, I want to highlight the very im-paw-tant jobs they are doing and I want to showcase just how incredible dogs are.

Why the 26th of January?

As we all know, Australia Day is currently on the January 26th. At Puppy Tales, we hope that Australia Day will be moved to another date in the future so that ALL Australians can feel part of the celebration of our wonderful nation. We have aligned our awards with Australia Day because we believe that the contribution our dogs make should also be celebrated at the same time as the recognition given to amazing humans.

Nominations are now closed.

Thank you to all those that have nominated an incredible & deserving dog. 

To meet the amazing Finalist Dogs for 2022 and Vote in the People’s Choice Award HERE.

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