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Dogs Life Magazine Feature

February 2014
The email notification came through , the latest Dogs Life Magazine is available and I had to drop everything to check it out!  You see I was asked to provide input for an article on taking great photos of your dog.  Flicking through the magazine, I excitedly saw that Rosie was the feature photograph for […]


Keiko is featued on Yummypets!!

May 2013
Have you heard of Yummypets yet? It’s social media for our pets!  And while Keiko and Kimba have only had their own profiles for a short time they have been made more than welcome in the community!  In fact, Keiko was last week featured on the yummypets blog last week! Read his, er our, interview […]


‘Pawtraits’ Exhibition in the News

October 2012
So….. it appears that the ‘Pawtraits’ Exhibition appeared in the newspapers.  Look there’s Crystal and Nancy!!  ‘Pawtraits’ Exhibition in the News | Akemi PhotographyOh and I’m in there with Nola who was exhibiting her beautiful textiles!  I did not even realise that this had happened, fortunately the RSPCA media scanner picked up this first one […]


Puppy Tales in the Sydney Morning Herald

October 2011
If you got the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday you would have also got their special ‘Employer of Choice’ lift-out. This year the feature article focused on the impact pets have in the office and why a growing number of businesses are allowing their employees to bring their pets to work. Because I have written […]

Puppy Tales in Dogs Life Magazine

June 2011
When I first thought about starting Puppy Tales I figured that we would get the website done, upload it to a server and instantly get traffic beating down our door. In reality it has been a lot of hard work to build up traffic, develop relationships with manufacturers and start getting consistent sales. But it’s […]

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