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Dog Training & Behaviour

Information, guidance and tips for helping your dog live their best life. From getting your first dog through to senior care it’s all here – nutrition, health, products, training & behaviour, home living. You’ll also find articles from Puppy Tales ‘Top Dog’ Kerry in Editor’s Choice and stories of some incredible hero & star dogs!

Alfie the Labradoodle was a reactive puppy and required rehabilitation.
Dog Training & Behaviour

Alfie the Reactive Puppy

Suezanne’s experience with her reactive puppy Alfie led to her becoming a dog trainer and she now helps many dogs (and their people) to reach their potential. Today she shares Alfie’s story. In doing so,
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Dog Training & Behaviour

The benefits of puppy preschool

The aim of a good puppy preschool program is to encourage your puppy to become a well-socialised, relaxed member of your family and to provide you with all the information required to raise a happy,
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Dog Training & Behaviour

Top Tips for Toilet Training Your Puppy

The key to successfully toilet training a puppy lies in the motivation of the trainer. You! Yes, that’s right! You are the key to successfully training your puppy to eliminate (wee and poo) in the
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