Puppy Tales FAQ

Since starting Puppy Tales (and previously as Akemi Photography), we have worked with and helped many not-for-profit organisations and fundraising activities.  We’ve donated time, photography and money to local, national and international causes that benefit animals and people.  We strongly believe in giving back and everyone that chooses to have their pets and family photographed by Puppy Tales Photography, help us to do more.  

You can the organisations that we support and have supported here.  And we’d love for you, when you can, join us in supporting these great organisations.

If we can, we will!  

We are often taking profile photos for rescues and happy to help others where we can.  Profile photos for assisting dogs and cats currently in shelters or in foster care are taken either in the studio or on location around Botanic Ridge.

Before contacting us for assistance, please first double-check with your rescue or shelter that they don’t already have a photographer that they’re working with.  

If you’re a dog or animal based organisation and have an idea for us to work together, partner or collaborate to help your not-for-profit or charity, then please read Giving Back for further information.  We will definitely see what we do to help out.  

Please note, already commit funds to donate financially every month to our chosen charities and not-for-profits, and are therefore mostly unable to support other charities and not-for-profits with cash donations.

Due to the travel involved in the photography we offer (yes - we spend a month at the snow for our Snow Dog Sessions!) it’s not always possible to have a work experience placement.  We are a home based studio so work experience when we available is in this primary location.  If you’re a highly motivated and hard working animal-loving student  interested in photography, new media & social media and would love placement with, then it’s certainly worth asking to see if we have a position available.

Short answer - they are already a star in your eyes but nope we can’t create famous pets!  Celebrity pets can come from anywhere on the internet and usually behind the pet, are parents who’ve spent considerable time sharing their pet, what they love about their pet online and wanting to make others happy or laugh.  Instead of seeking out fame, we believe that you time is better spent having a wonderful time and being creative with your pet.  Give your pet a voice and their own spaces on the internet and see how you go!  Of course, your pet will be loved by Puppy Tales - famous or not!

If your question is not answered here then please get in contact and we’ll happily answer your questions (and add them to them here!)

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