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Travelling Canberra to Dinner Plain ~ Route #2

The alternate route from Canberra takes you through the sensational mountain scenery of both the Kosciusko and Alpine National Parks. It’s certainly more attractive than the Hume, but in wintertime it can be an extremely challenging drive and you should check the weather conditions before you leave. After all, your goal is to arrive at Dinner Plain.

Travel Time: Approximately 6-7 hours, depending on travel conditions.

General Directions:

  • From Canberra take the Monaro Highway through Cooma and onto the Snowy Mountains Highway
  • Turn left onto The Link road, then turn left onto Snow Ridge Road and continue into Tooma Road.
  • Turn right onto the Alpine Way and continue onto the Murray Valley Highway.
  • Turn left to stay on the Murray Valley Highway and proceed through Corryong
  • Take the Benambra-Corryong road until you get to the Omeo Highway and
  • Continue on to Omeo.

Route Map

 Canberra to Dinner Plain - Alpine Route

Destinations Between Canberra or Sydney and Dinner Plain (via Kosciusko National Park)


Cooma is the gateway to the Snowy Mountains and the largest town in the region. You can stop in Centennial Park and visit the Mosaic Time Walk or walk down historic Lambie Street to enjoy the perfect driving break. For those interested in the Snowy Hydroelectric Scheme there is also the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre (although you can’t take dogs inside).


Corryong is the Victorian Gateway the Snowy Mountains and offers a variety of eateries from restaurants and cafes to excellent bakeries. We tend to buy something in the town then drive to Embery’s Lookout on top of Mt Mittamatite and take in the view of Corryong with the Australian Alps in the background while we stretch our legs and have a bite to eat.


The last stop before you head ‘up the hill’ to Dinner Plain, Omeo is delightful town and you might just get a peek of snow capped mountains! (Yep, your excitement will definitely build for your stay at Dinner Plain). There are a couple of eating options and you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the main street and look at the historic buildings.

Two kilometres outside Omeo are the Oriental Claims – a memento of the town’s importance in the nineteenth century Gold Rush. You can find relics, caves, and old mining sites as you take a short walk around the area.

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