The Best Locations for your Dog Photography Session

Whether looking for the perfect place for a professional dog photography session or somewhere to head to capture your own beautiful memories, there’s a bunch of great location options.  These are some of my favourites!

♥ Beach.  For dogs that love the water and love to run, the beach is a fabulous location for dog photography.  The space allows the dog plenty of room to enjoy themselves and this is reflected in the photos.

♥ Dog Park.  Your dog will be familiar and comfortable with their local dog park and this can make it an easy option for a pet photography session for your dog.  The resulting photos will also serve as a great reminder of a place where you have spent much time with your beloved furchild!

♥ Favourite Walking Track.  For those that love to get out and explore with their dog, a favourite walking track can be a fabulous location.  It is perfect for creating natural photos of people and their dogs together or creating more photojournalistic feeling images.


♥ Anywhere that has is a wide open space.  A fabulous alternative to the beach for dogs that love to run.  It’s also generally a lot less messy in the car after the session than a wet and sand covered pooch!

♥ Along a lake or river edge.  We people are naturally attracted to beautiful water scenes, so planning for a dog photography session where there is a lake or river can result in stunning beautiful

♥ In their home.  In the home is a great location where dogs are going to be comfortable.  It will also capture wonderfully familiar memories of all the places your dog spends his or her time – keeping a watch on the neighbourhood from the front door, resting on the bed, watching television with the family or waiting by the door for walkies.

♥ In their yard.  A session in their yard is a great way of incorporating all the doggie elements like a kennel and their toys.  The dog will feel comfortable in their own yard but have run to move, run about and play.

♥ In a Garden.  Pretty flowers and a pretty dog. Does it get any sweeter?


♥ Urban Wonderland.  Graffiti, paved roads or paths, narrow alleyways and so on can create a wonderful modern and contemporary feel for your dog photography.  The photos captured will also be fabulous in bright and contrasting colour.

♥ Dog Friendly Café.  The right café can be a great setting and have a fantastic ambience for photography.  A café also offers the opportunity to create natural urban photos.  And of course, your dog is not going to mind being given a pupachino for a hard days work of posing and looking gorgeous!!

♥ In the Studio.  Studio photography for your dog produces quite different results.  With a studio session you have access to the different backgrounds and props of Akemi Photography.  It is also a smaller environment so there’s no potential for dogs to run away.  This means with all breeds removing leads and collars is possible.

For photography locations for other pets be sure to stop by and check out the post next week!

Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.