Design your Photography Session

~ Create the perfect experience for you and your dog ~

If you ask most photographers, they’ll tell you they are happy to photograph your dog … At Puppy Tales Photography we’re different: We don’t just ‘take photos of dogs’, we capture their uniqueness and what you love most about them!

Because we LOVE dogs as much as you do, we:

  • Preserve Your Memories in Stunning Colour
  • Create an Experience, Not Just An Album
  • Choose The Style and Finish That Suits Your Home & Your Dog
  • Let Your Dog’s True Personality Shine Through
  • Visit Amazing Locations
  • Provide personalised Attention at Every Stage

Yep, we tailor your dog photography session to perfectly suit you and your dog.

One of the best things about the photography with us, is the expertise we have in designing photography to capture the personality of your dog and to beautifully compliment your home and the spaces you wish to display it. This includes the planning of your session (whether it will be in the studio or outdoors, colours/location to match, etc) & the size and finish of the photography pieces to compliment your home. Of course, I am also getting to know all the things you love about your dogs and how we want to capture that.

This planning is done at the Design Consultation and its incredibly beneficial. It means:

  • I’m photographing for the photography results you want,
  • You, and most importantly your dog, have the opportunity to get to know me so you are more comfortable at your photography session, and
  • will have pricing information particular to what you would like and what is going to look the most amazing for your home.

The Design Consultation is included as part of the photography session fee.

Frequently Asked Questions about Designing Your Photography Session

Yes, we are available only by appointment.  To book your photography session, you need to get in touch with us - send as a message, email us {[email protected]} or give us a call on 0405 131 016.

Your session fee is due at the time of your Design Consultation to secure the date of your photography session.

For the retreats, where the session are booked further in advance, the session fee is due at the time of booking to secure your place.  This is due to the demand for these sessions and so that you can make the necessary arrangements for your trip knowing your session is confirmed.

The Design Consultation is an appointment we set prior to your photographic experience.  During your Design Consultation, we quickly go over your completed Pre-Session Questionnaire, chat about you, your pets, your home, the things you love to do, the things you love about your dog/pets and anything else that will help us to best understand your wants in a photography experience.  We discover what is going to mean the most in your photography and pair that with the places you have for displaying the results.  At the end of the design consultation we will have created the perfect photographic experience for you.  The Design Consultation appointment is made for one hour.

You are welcome to bring your dog or pets so that we can meet them.  This can be perfect opportunity if your pet is timid or shy to see how they respond to meeting Kerry.  If your dog is particularly energetic and is unlikely to sit still at all, then you’re welcome to bring photos of them instead.

You are also encouraged to bring any ideas or thoughts you have for your photography session and photos of the wall spaces you have in your time where you are thinking of hanging your photography.  

Our clients have told us that this is the most beneficial aspect of their photographic experience because they leave the Design Consultation having a full understanding of what will happen next, with all the information they need for preparing for their session and their photographic experience, knowing the costs for what they want and as they’ve met the photographer.  This allows them to feel far more comfortable for the remainder of their experiences with Puppy Tales Photography.

If we look at the example of ‘simple photos’ that could mean many things to different people.  For some, that might be a white background headshot.  For others, that might be their dog relaxing on a couch at home.  We never want to assume that our view of a ‘simple’ photo is the same as what you have in mind.

Sometimes when our clients have chatted with us in the Design Consultation and seen the examples of our finished artwork their initial ideas of what they wanted, changes.  We wouldn’t want for you to miss out on the benefits of the Design Consultation, our experience and seeing examples of finished artworks in person prior to your photography experience.  It is often too late at the Preview and Artwork Consultation to then see a finished piece and realise that is what you would have really preferred.

Our only preference is ensuring that its the right setting for you and the photos that you want to have at the end of your experience with us.  We love both in the studio and on location for different reasons and recognise that one is going to be better than the other depending on your individual requirements and wishes.  

In the studio can be perfect for an older pet with decreased mobility or poor eyesight, a dog that is distracted by everything when outdoors or with pets where it might not be safe to go on location with.  It’s also a simple background that we can easily change the background colour or the accessories we use.

On location can be perfect for an incredibly active dog, larger animals at home in a paddock and is a lovely natural environment that many love in photos on their walls.  

During your design consultation we will discuss all of these things and more to find out which is the perfect setting for you and give you the photos you are going to cherish.

The photography from studio and natural lighting sources will have a different feel.  Which you think is better for your pet is mostly a personal preference.  In the studio we have 100% control of the lighting which means it always delivers consistent results.  On location with natural lighting, we are at the mercy of what nature delivers - it might brilliantly sunny, full cloud or somewhere in between.  While we can photograph in any lighting condition, there will always be differences in the lighting in your photos because of the differences in natural lighting.

It’s a very small percentage of pets that don’t quickly adjust to the strobe lighting in the studio.  We introduce it gradually and calmly to allow them to become accustomed to the flash.  Most don’t even blink the first time that the flashes are fired. With a small percentage it might take the firing the flash 3 or 4 times and then they ignore it and focus on everything else that is exciting for them.  
In photographing hundreds of pets in the studio, there has been only one that responded beyond a short initial period to the flash being fired. She was a small, incredibly high energy dog and her response to the flash was the same response she had to other stimulus like noises.  If this is a concern that you have for your pet in the studio, then during the design consultation we can quickly test your pet’s reaction to the flash lighting.  

Absolutely we do!.  We’ve photographed in many location types so we know what to look for and what location type will deliver you the results you want.  As part of our Design Consultation when we understand what it is that you are wanting we can make suggestions as to some of the best locations for your photographic experience.

This depends on where your photographic experience and the time of year.  To give you an example, when book sessions in the studio can be anytime of day.  For on location sessions, we’ll be scheduling for the best lighting conditions in which to photograph.  Typically this is at sunrise or before sunset, the times of which will vary between the different seasons.  As part of our Design Consultation we will determine the best time for your photography experience and schedule with that in mind.

Yes.  At your Design Consultation you’ll be given a copy of the Model and Liability Release for your photography session which you can take away to review.  You’re welcome to ask us questions about the Release prior to your photography experience.  The Release needs to be signed prior to commencing your photographic experience.  We won’t photograph without this paperwork having been signed.

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