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Photo Frame Wall Wallpaper

As soon as I saw an example of photo frame wallpaper I knew I wanted it in my home for my memories on display. Finding the right styled wallpaper and deciding on the best wall to hang it on (not to mention convincing Sam that ‘now’ might be a good to hang it) took some time. In the end I finally found this incredible wallpaper ‘The Family’ designed by Lisa Bengtsson. I loved the ornate picture frames in the design.

Photo Wallpaper 2

Of course it wasn’t available at that time in Australia so I ended up ordering it from Sweden! This photo we took just after it was hung. Of course I added Keiko because otherwise, at that time, it was a blank wall – and gosh Keiko just makes every image that much cuter!!

Frame Wallpaper 1

Slowly, slowly I am adding photos to it – as I come across ones I love and as I get more recent ones printed.  I love that it has allowed me to turn a wall space into a family album! I love that it inspires a feeling of nostalgia by its appearance and the memories that it evokes when I walk past it.

Photo Wallpaper 3

While it is still very much a work in progress I absolutely love my picture wall! Over time I aim to fill all of the frames and then as even more time passes update for my new favourite images! I may even use it to display other meaningful items of memory – belongings, memoriabilla, postcards, etc etc. Being versatile I could certainly do that.

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