Wolfhound Woody ~ Available for Adoption

Hey you, is it cuddle time yet or shall we play ball?

Wolfhound x Woody is available for adoption

  • Age: Approx 2 years
  • Breed: Lurcher (Wolfhound x)
  • Gender: Male
  • Available: Victoria, Australia
  • In Foster Care Canine Lifeline

* Woody’s now adopted. 
His Happy Ever Story – Woody loves his new home with his humans Rob & Louise, and with his feathered bro Wattle (a Canary).  He’s living contentedly in the Melbourne suburbs and enjoying regular walks amongst the gum trees.  His favourite after his walks, is coming inside, flopping and snoozing the afternoon away.  He is also particularly fond of watching movies whilst getting a belly rub. ????????

Woody is a goat-like goofball who likes being tucked in at night (but don’t tell anyone, it won’t do his street-cred any good). He’s a big boy but polite with it, and waits to be noticed rather than pushing in for a pat (although he’d take a chin and belly rub all day long).

Wolfhound x Woody is available for adoption

Woody loves being trained and can’t believe how easy it is to sucker praise out of peeps just by sitting or mastering his walking to heel. In a human life, Woody would be a “site foreman”, as he’s loves patrolling to check everything’s in it’s rightful place.

Wolfhound Woody who's available for Adoption would make a pawfect site foreman!

Woody values good manners. He’d do well in a home where he’s an only dog. He finds boisterous dogs and frenetic activity stressful, and then his bravery melts like butter left in the sun. Older responsible teenagesrs and even cats would make fine siblings for him.

Available through Canine Lifeline is Woldhound x Woody

Woody says he’s looking for a fur-ever home where his goofy antics will make people laugh. In return he promises to watch faithfully from the window and welcome you home by bouncing with two paws in the air.

Wooftastic Woody is looking for his forever home

If you have a Woody shaped space in your home, make that call NOW! Head over to Canine Lifeline to find out how.

Happy Ever Story – Like Woody, we’re patiently waiting to add this bit of his tale, and will as soon as Woody finds his forever people.

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