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Who Gets More Attention – My Husband or My Dog?

Once upon a time, a few years ago, I married the Best Husband In The World.

This story, however, really begins 8 months after these nuptials took place.

Let’s get this straight. It was totally his idea. My husband Dan nagged and nagged me to get a dog.

At the time, I was dog ambivalent. I had never owned one before, and therefore focused mainly on the poo that would accumulate in our backyard that would undoubtedly be left to me to pick up. But Dan kept nagging.

To cut a long story short, we of course did get a dog. So my husband won.

Who Gets More Attention – My Husband or My Dog?

Or did he?

I make no bones about the fact that since becoming mum to Tux, the Best Dog In The World, I have subsequently become a total dog tragic. Dan did not know this when he married me, but to be fair, neither did I.

So now, on the home front, I am faced with a challenge – how do I split my time and affection between the Best Husband In The World, and the Best Dog In The World, without either getting jealous?

In other words, who gets more attention – My husband or my dog?

Point blank, my hubby would (half) joke that Tux wins the attention battle every time. When we’re out without Tux, I wonder out loud about what Tux might be doing at home. I sing a daggy song on the way home about ‘Going home to see my pupp­ee pupp­ee pupp­ee’ and I tend to spend the last few dollars of the weekly budget on treats and toys for Tux rather than food for us.

I see how this looks. Really I do.

Tux is totally mum's favourite

But sometimes it’s what you don’t see that counts. Dan, I’m talking to you.

When you are out, and Tux and I are home, we talk about what you are up to, and when you will be back. When we hear you pull up I say ‘Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home’ and make Tuxy more wound up than our obedience trainers would like.

And when the supermarket trolley is full of bones and pigs ears, I still manage to find room and a few extra cents for a wee block of your favorite chocolate.

So to the Best Husband in the World, you will always be Alpha Male to Tuxy and I ­ our number one, our head of the house.

And to the Best Dog in the World, you make that house our home, and turn what was previously a couple into a complete family.

Three was good enough for the Amigos, the Musketeers and the Stooges, and so it is with us – we are each equally as important as the other, bringing different skills, qualities and forms of love into the team.

Karen and Dan all smiles with Tux

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, I’m starving – I don’t seem to have bought any food for myself…

‘Til next time,
The Best Wife and Fur Mum in the World.

PS Does this argument ever get thrown around in your household? Who wins the attention battle in your world?

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