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Tips for Hanging Your Galleries & Clusters ~ Memories on Display

Galleries and clusters are a very popular way to display your memories on display – whether they be photographic or incorporating other elements as well. There are a few tricks to making your wall photography gallery or cluster look visably appealing and easier on the eye when viewing. The larger the number of photographs and elements included in your memories on display the more important these ‘rules’ become!

Make a grid of any number of pieces by displaying them in evenly spaced rows.

The rule of threes: groupings of three, six, nine, twelve, and so on look great. Together they also tell a wonderful story.

Even margins between frames usually look more relaxed.

Remember photos look best when hung in odd numbers.

Don’t hang a single photo (or any other artwork) higher than eye level. Groupings may break this rule, but make sure the visual weight of the group is at eye level.

For asymmetrical arrangements, have a common axis on which the pieces are lined up. The ‘invisible line’ could through the middle at eye level and from which the pieces are placed up and down. Alternatively, the pieces could be lined up from the bottom. Either option will give some order to the display.

 For more symmetry in a rectangle or square space, use pieces that line up on all sides of the space.

For a staircase display, have the axis of the pieces as a diagonal line through the centre of the pieces with their positions mimicing the step increments of the stairs.

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