Tiny crocheted dogs

I would love to be good at crochet. Ever since I was little I have loved little collectible animals. So my half attempts to create a small dog are put to shame by Su Ami, a family of 5 women from Vietnam who make ‘extreme micro’, micro, tiny and mini crochet animals.

Their ‘extreme micro’ animals have to be seen to be believed like their 8mm (1/3 inch) Groundhog. But it is really the little dogs I am interested in. In their current collection they have Pugs (of all colours), a Dachshund, Bulldog, Westie, Chihuahua and a Dogo Argentino. Check them out just for the “look how tiny that is” factor.

Their full range can be seen on the Su Ami Etsy shop.


Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a blogger, digital strategist, business coach, zoologist and crazy dog-lady! Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. That equates to a lot of fun and vacuuming. Her dog’s names are Cresswell and Edwina (or Cress and Eddie).