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Sweet Chops Cupcake and Cookie Kits for Dogs

I love doing a lot of things with my dogs and now I can add baking to that list! While Eddie and Cress didn’t work the mixer or get anywhere near the oven they did help out with the taste testing of these doggie baking kits by Sweet Chops.


These cupcake and cookie baking kits come in Sweet Chops branded boxes that contain all the dry ingredients you require to complete the baking project. I got my hands on the Choc Chip Cruncher Cookie Kit and the Chompin’ Chocolate Cupcake Kit, which are two of the flavour varieties from the range. The cupcake kit contained the dry cupcake mix, yogurt pieces to ice the cupcakes, tiny bone biscuits to decorate the top and paper cupcake cases. The cookie kit contained the dry flour mix and carob pieces to coat the cookies. You can also separately purchase a dog-themed cookie cutter on the Sweet Chops website if you want extra doggy-ness.


I don’t often bake because I lose my inspiration when I start to look at all the ingredients, instructions and the range of equipment that is required. That’s the great thing about these kits because most of the hard work is done, but you still get the satisfaction of creating something special for your dogs that looks lovely. The kits have detailed directions that are easy to follow and all you need to add is honey, water and unsalted butter to the cookies and honey, eggs and water to the cupcakes.

I was able to make and decorate both the cookies and cupcakes in an afternoon without creating a big mess, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable.


These Sweet Chops baking kits are designed exclusively for dogs so the ingredients are safe for your pooch to eat in moderation. The kits have human grade ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, salt or sugar. If your dog has any intolerances learn more about the ingredients on the Sweet Chops website. It should be noted that no chocolate is used in any of these products and chocolate cannot be substituted for any carob or yogurt components as it is poisonous for dogs.


There are a number of flavours of cookies and cupcakes in the Sweet Chops range.

Cookie kit flavours:

  • Double Choc Chomper
  • Peanut Butter Biter
  • Choc Chip Cruncher
  • White Choc Chip Cruncher

Cupcake kit flavours:

  • Chompin’ Chocolate
  • Barkin’ Banana
  • Peanut Butter Pups
  • Waggin’ Tail White Chocolate Chip


At $14.95 AUD we think the kits are good value. They not only provide the majority of the ingredients but because Sweet Chops have made the baking project so easy it gets you into the kitchen and creating before you know it.


  • The taste testing verdict was YUM!
  • This is a lovely activity to do with your family and/or friends. It is a really simple baking process and nearly all the ingredients are prepackaged for you. It is one of those fun activities that can really make your day!
  • It is fantastic to make something special for your dogs and let them join in the baking and taste-testing process.
  • For those who don’t have a well stocked kitchen, very little baking equipment is required (especially for the cookies).


  • The lovely looking cookies and cupcakes are not for you to eat! For those on a diet this might be a blessing but I got in trouble from my husband when they were iced and sitting on the counter looking so delicious, so I suggest you make some human cupcakes or cookies at the same time.
  • Baking does take time so if you want some treats quickly just buy some.
  • The recipes use a lot of honey so make sure you have enough before you start.

Our tips

While the kits come with clear instructions that are easy to follow we have a few extra tips when making these cookies and cupcakes. As the pictures show we made bone shaped cookies and the instructions suggest you half dip them in the melted carob. We found when we did this the cookies lost some of their definition so instead we used a pastry brush to add the carob and it worked really well.

Once baked we froze our leftover cookies and cupcakes in small batches that could be pulled out of the freezer in appropriate portions. But next time I am going to plan ahead and get some small cardboard boxes or clear cellophane bags to gift wrap cookies and cupcakes as gifts for all our doggie friends.

If your dog likes to lick off the carob or yogurt before eating the rest (like Cress), make sure you give them the treats outside 🙂


I loved making the Sweet Chops cupcakes & cookies and the dogs enjoyed eating them. It was fun to do an activity all our household could participate in. Cress preferred the cookies and Eddie liked the cupcakes best, so everyone was happy. These Sweet Chops kits are a fun idea and a great activity to share with family, friends and most of all your furkids!


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