Shopping for Summer at The Reject Shop


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The opportunity to take a shopping experience for the dogs at The Reject Shop couldn’t have been more perfectly timed! With our brand new puppy Summer, there were definitely some essentials we needed to purchase. It’s also particularly great to shop ‘savvy’ when buying items that will soon be outgrown or which might be destroyed (as puppies have a tendency to do!).

We were sent a $100 gift certificate with which to shop at The Reject Shop. I’ll be share what we got, our impressions on individual purchases and our overall thoughts on shopping for your dog at The Reject Shop.

Also, be sure to check out the contest we have for one of our readers to also win a $100 shopping trip of their own! All the details are at the end of the post.

Shopping for Summer at The Reject Shop

What we got with $100

Truth be told, we spent $100.50! I wanted to get spot on $100 but finding that last item that would be useful or fun, that we didn’t already have in our basket, for exactly $2.00, proved difficult! And while most items were round values, the last one we decided on was, of course $2.50, taking our shopping total to $100.50.

What Summer & Keiko scored at the Reject Shop

Summer & Keiko testing them out

Summer and Keiko definitely enjoyed playtime with their new toys!

Our dogs Summer & Keiko checking out and testing our purchases from the Reject Shop

From Essential to Cute – We were pleasantly surprised!

I’ll go through the individual items and I’ll share our thoughts on them now that Summer (and Keiko!) have been testing them out for a week.

      • Pooper Scooper – $12.00. Since installing a pet poo composter, we’ve been using one of the big garden shovels for pickup. It was the first thing we grabbed for our basket. Yep, I am a bit embarrassed to admit excitement over a Pooper Scooper, but its allowed for us to put the shovel back in the garden shed and use a much lighter and easier alternative for tidying up.
      • Puppy Training Pads – $4.00. Perfect with a new puppy. While Summer is being trained to toilet in the yard, having puppy pads is great for those ‘oops’ moments indoors and also during some rainy periods when we didn’t want to be standing in the rain – you know, just waiting and encouraging for something to happen. Puppy Pads weren’t successful when Keiko was a puppy, but with Summer, we’re so pleased that with these now in the house, we haven’t had wees indoors except on the puppy pad (Summer really is such a clever girl!).
      • Portable Play Pen – $40.00. At this price for a play pen, the enduring quality of the playpen is a compromise. The materials aren’t as sturdy and tough as others we’ve used. That said, I think it will likely last long enough for Summer to outgrow it and it could be a worthwhile purchase for those with a short term requirement or those with toy or small dogs.
      • Pet Blanket – $7.00. We love to make our crates and playpens feel homely. A blanket is perfect for that and the colours of this one are so pretty.
      • Dog Monster Face Toy – $6.00. This is cute and tough for a fabric toy. Summer loves to carry this about the house by its arms.
      • Plush Soccer Ball – $5.00. They both love this toy for playing fetch and to share in tug of war.
      • Plush Piggy Toy – $5.00. While very colourful and cute, the stitching and material on this didn’t last two days with Summer and her tiny, sharp puppy teeth. After the seems were burst open, we removed the stuffing and squeaker and the toy can still be played with because of the rope legs. It’s probably not the preferred toy though this way.
      • Dog Rope Chew Toy (Ball) – $2.00. An exceptional value toy for the dogs. While its a little bit big for Summer presently, it certainly feels like it will be tough and enduring for her when she grows into it.
      • Dog Rope Chew Toy (Long) – $3.00. This one we specifically bought for Keiko. While they have been sharing some of the purchases we made, at the time we couldn’t leave the shop with only goods for Summer. This one looks likely to last Keiko a while! In the times he has stopped to gnaw on this, he hasn’t made a dent in the rope fibres.
      • Fashion Plaid Tie & Bow Tie – $2.00 each. These were a cute purchase for the photographer (me!) in the house. Puppies in cute accessories are just so adorable. And, yep, I am completely biased when I say that Summer is the most lovely of them all! There was only one size in these making them suitable only for smaller dogs or puppies.
      • Pet Wipes – $3.00. These are perfect for cleaning up puppies and dogs when they get a little dirty. With indoor dogs, being able to keep them nice and clean is important for our furnishings and carpet.
      • Ceramic Pet Bowl – $2.00. A cute bowl that’s perfect for serving the smaller frequent meals a puppy is feed.
      • Herbal Naturals Lamb Treats – $2.00. A visiting Rosie said a big ‘woof’ at these – we think that’s enough said!
      • Just 4 Pets Disinfectant Spray – $3.00. This spray is for use on bedding, feeding bowls, utensils, as well as floors. We’ve been using it after meal times to keep everything clean.
      • Earth’s Choice Window Wipes – $2.50. You might have guessed but this was the purchase that tipped us over the $100! It was also not one we found in the pet range area. We saw it as we entered and collected it at the end, when we had the items we wanted from the pet range! Of course, everyone knows how dogs love to leave their nose art on glass doors! Often the result of being inside and wanting to go out, then being on the outside and wanting back inside! The window wipes are perfect for cleaning these marks off our glass doors.

Cheeky Border Collie Puppy Summer with her new toy

Would we shop at The Reject Shop next time?

Prior to this shopping trip, I couldn’t tell you the last time I’d been to The Reject Shop. But with what we found there for our pets, we’ll be popping in again in the near future. There was a larger range of pet items than we had realised and many of the items we purchased on this occasion we would purchase again. The prices were affordable and much of what we purchased and saw (but didn’t need for ourselves) was great value. It’s definitely a place for savvy pet shoppers to check out.

The pet range at The Reject Shop is particularly great for those dispensable or fun items. Puppy pads, toys, a pooper scooper and the blankets being the things we will have the most use from. A jumbo packet of Puppy Pads will be a certain purchase on our return.

Win a $100 The Reject Shop Treat for Yourself

We have a $100 gift certificate for one of our lucky Australian readers! Simply leave us a comment letting us know:

What would you buy with a $100 at the Reject Shop?

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CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED…… Congratulations to the lucky winner KRISTIE-ANN NEATE.

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and The Reject Shop.

Shopping for Summer at The Reject Shop 





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Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.
  • Joanna

    I love the reject shop pet section! I would stock up on cat bits and pieces. Toys, litter trays, bowls, all sorts of fun stuff for the foster kittens I see through my home. I’m a big softy and inevitably if the kitties have a favourite toy they take it with them when they leave and I have to go out and buy more!

    • Oh Jo – it’s lovely that you foster and I can see that The Reject Shop would be a great place to go when needing these items frequently. It’s so sweet that you let them keep a toy when they leave.

  • Bec Becstar

    Great article Kerry……. πŸ™‚
    We did a big shop at The Reject Shop when Duke was a puppy. We brought a huge box of Puppy Pads (100 of them), some water bowls, a tie out stake, chew toys and some pigs ears. Money well spent.

    Now that we have just got our 3rd pooch after springing her from the pound, we would use a $100 at The Reject Shop on an additional water bowl (a horse sized one because she drinks heapssss :-P), an additional tie out stake and some yummy treats!

    • New family member Bec – YIPPEE how exciting! The puppy pads have been a good thing – saved me cleaning up on several occasions now (which saves me from getting in trouble with Sam from not watching Summer!).

      • Bec Becstar

        Very exciting! Check out the paws on her!

  • I love the Reject Shop!!!! I still have a igloo shaped bed from there that we got for Chowski as a puppy. He outgrew it and I almost threw it out but then Killa took a fancy to it and now she sleeps in it every night!

    With $100 gift certificate we would buy some squeaky toys, some blankets ready for winter, I’d treat myself to some lollies and storage containers for all the pet goods we have!!

    • Hey Amy! Wonderful to hear! Chowski & Killa are no doubt lucky furkids although new toys never hurt πŸ™‚ We didn’t look at storage containers but that’s a great idea! Good Luck!

  • barxactive

    OMG i love the Monster face toy! I would definitely buy one of them! Plus doggie blankets are always a must have- i like to update them often. Holy cow you made that $100 go far Kerry!

    • Thanks Barxactive! The Monster toy is a good one! I think it suits Summer when she plays with it – her monster sharp teeth come out! Doggie blankets are great – lots of places they come in handy! Good Luck!

  • Donella Martin

    With my $100 certificate from The Reject Shop, I would have to buy my fur-babies some more chew toys and a blanket/bed as they have grown so much that they both can’t fit into their bed together.

    • You can never have too many chew toys with puppies can you? And it definitely sounds like a new bed is in order! Good luck to your furbabies Donella!

  • carly

    well i am forever buying my dog bella chew toys! she loves her treats and i would love to give her some accessories instead of only giving her just neccessities! she is an important member of our family and i have had her longer than i have had my actual children

    • Completely agree that they are important members of the family and that they deserve a little treat now and then! Good Luck Carly!

  • Joanne Draper

    I would love to buy more toys, wee wee pads, a new blankie and anything cute for Scruff. He is only 17 weeks old and so goes through things quite quickly!!

    • Oh how lucky are you Joanne to have a new puppy of your own! They are such fun! Good luck to you and Scruff!

  • Jennifer Phelan

    I can’t help it, but I always get so much more excited shopping for Kate my kelpie than I do for myself! I can’t help it but every time I go by any store with a pet section, I inevitably come home with a toy for Kate! So I would most definitely get a few toys, and probably more cleaning products to clean up the carnage of said toys being destroyed (Kate will find a way!!) I also love the little bow ties so a couple of them for special occasions maybe?? πŸ™‚ Also Keiko and Summer look absolutely gorgeous playing with their new toys!

    • Me too! Much prefer shopping for the furkids than myself or groceries! Good luck!

  • Bow Daji

    I love the reject shop! All my cats toys and her scratching post have been bought from there. I would love to spoil her with $100 worth of fun toys!

    • Hi Bow – that would be a lot of toys! You’d have one spoilt cat (if she’s not already spoilt!). Good Luck!

  • Kim Morgan

    I am a regular savvy shopper, with 1 dog & 2 cats, it can be very expensive, so the Reject Shop, is perfect for all the everyday essentials.Some of the products, I’d purchased are cat collars,litter boxes & not leaving the dog out,toys,blankets, bowls & the most important item of all, poop bags!

    • Hi Kim! Great to hear that you get such good value from the Reject Shop for your fur family! Good luck!

  • amandagorton

    The Reject Shop is a one stop store for party decorations, serving platters and packaged snacks to throw a “paw-some” party for friends with dogs and their pets.

    • Love the idea of a paw-some party Amanda! Good Luck!

  • Great review of The Reject Shop’s pet range Kerry. Love the photos of the furkids especially the ones of Summer in the ties. I am also one who prefers shopping for Ref than myself. I often head into The Reject Shop and have bought toys, outfits and more for Ref in there. He even stills has his very first bed I bought from there 4.5 years ago when he was a puppy.

    Now, I am sure I would be buying more outfits and accessories for Ref to wear in photos or to keep him warm in winter. He can never have to many clothes and accessories.

    • Hey Kristy! You’re right – can never have too many clothes and accessories!!! Good Luck!

  • Mark Fairbrother

    Looks like you got quite a list of puppy treats on your shopping spree, nothing better than spoiling your pets. As I type this, Beamer, our cat is sleeping in the cat tree we bought the Reject Shop.

    • Hi Mark! Cats do love to sleep up high don’t they! Hope Beamer is enjoying her tree! Good Luck!

  • Kristie-Ann Neate

    With my ever growing fur family, and our latest rescue adoptee taking us to now 7 fur-babies (2 dogs & 5 cats), it’s no wonder the Reject Shop sure comes in handy with their decently priced pet items. With 5 kitties though, we go through quite a lot of litter each week, so ideally I’d stock up on their $4 bags of crystal litter, but also a new hooded litter box could also be of use, and a pet cooling mat for our older dog who’s not coping with the heat this well this year.

    • Hi Kristie! 7 furbabies! How lucky are you! We go through quite a bit of kitty litter with 2…. but I can’t imagine 5! Good Luck!

    • PuppyTales

      Hi Kirstie-Ann, CONGRATULATIONS!!
      You’ve been selected as the winner by The Reject Shop. Please email us ([email protected]) with your details (postal address and contact number) so we can arrange for your gift certificate to be sent to you!

  • Lee Brouwer

    I can recommend the rope chew toy long. Our 3 year old Blue Heeler has one. So far a whole week and it has not so much as a loose thread. Great to find a safe toy at a reasonable price.

    • Hi Lee, Blue Heelers can be tough chewers so that’s great to you recommend the rope chew toy.

  • Amy

    I love the Reject shop for puppy goodies! I’m always buying my dog fun treats, today I got her some Dentiex teeth sticks, a “good dog treat” tin, a skull toy and an ice cream toy. With $100 I’d get Sophie a new bed (they have some lovely ones in store with funky patterns), one of those pooper scoopers because like you I just use a shovel, and heaps of great treats!

    • HI Amy, Sophie sounds a lucky puppy! They do have funky dog beds and yep can recommend the pooper scooper for convenience over a shovel! Good Luck!

  • Rebekah Neilsen

    $100 would easily be spent buying plenty of new toys (we have staffies so nothing lasts too long at our place!), plus I’d love some new dog beds, window wipes and disinfectant are a great idea as there is plenty of paw and nose prints on our windows and doors !and some dog treats to top it all off! We usually buy our pet things from The Reject Shop as it is good value (especially as the toys are rigorously tested!) and it doesn’t make such a big dent on the pocket so everyone’s happy πŸ™‚

    • HI Rebekah, Love that you say your Staffies ‘rigorously test’ their toys! Thats one way of putting it! Good Luck!

  • Clare Gilmour

    My furbabies need new toys… and new dinner bowls. Mainly because my youngest son keeps taking their current ones & making mud pies with them! Im forever having to chase Master 2 around the yard to get poor Angus & Nellie’s toys back!

    • PuppyTales

      Oh no & poor Angus & Nellie! Good Luck to you Clare!

  • Christina Bilardi

    I would spend the $100 dollars on new bedding for my fur kids some more toys, treats and anything else I can stock up on. Coz they are spoilt

    • PuppyTales

      Nothing more fun than spoiling our fur kids! Good Luck Christina Bilardi!

  • ginger graves

    My little ones would get treats, pooper scooper supplies, grooming supplies, clothes, collars.

    • PuppyTales

      Great list! Good luck Ginger!

      • ginger graves

        Thank you

  • sarah J

    If we where lucky enough to win a $100 reject shop voucher we would buy lots of toys, collars, treats and bedding and donate them to a rescue group for homeless puppies!

    • PuppyTales

      Oh that’s so sweet Sarah! Good luck for you and the rescue puppies.

  • TheMad Pack

    I’m just thrilled I saw this post because before, I had never heard of the Reject Shop! Now I will be shopping there and letting my friends know about it! Thanks Puppy Tales!