Shelves & Photography ~ Memories on Display

Shelves can be the perfect option for creating stunning photography displays.  A shelving display can be tailored to suit every home decor style and in nearly every room of a home.  They are also fabulous should you want to be able to easily change or update the display.


Sources of Shelving & Photography inspiration:

1.  Bold colour choice in shelving works perfectly with bright photos and kids art.  Houzz.

2.  Elegant hallway shelving display.

3. Beautifully mixture of different height shelves to accommodate different photography and print sizes.

4. Classic shelving display for family photography.

5. Gorgeous rustic shelving.

6. Traditional hallway photography display.

7.  Beautiful frameless photography display on shelves.

8. Simple and easy print display.

9.  Great entrance display.

10. Black and white photography display for the Hallway.

11.  Stunning large living room shelving display for photography.

12. Retro shelving display of photos.

13.  This gorgeous collection of smaller photos on shelves is perfect for a detailed stone wall.

14. Adorable shelf display for babies room and newborn photos.

15.  An eclectic mix of photography for this shelf.

Kerry Martin

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