Puppy Tweets

So recently I wrote an article about dog gadgets and the latest and greatest item on that list was Puppy Tweets – a device that allows your dog to join the twitterverse! After reading about it Eddie couldn’t resist putting it through its paces in our review section, so she signed up to Twitter and got her best 140 characters ready! Eddie’s twitter name is: puppytales_ed and if you are keen on finding more dog pals a whole list of dogs using Puppy Tweets has been created.


This gadget has two parts. The first is the Puppy Tweets Tag which you attach to your dog’s collar; it holds the sound and motion sensors. The tag is made of plastic and approximately 5cm (2 inches) in diameter. It has a metal catch that allows you to easily attach it to a loop on any collar.

The second part is the USB dongle which you plug into your computer. It receives the information from the sensor. The whole kit comes in pink or blue.


To set up your Puppy Tweets device you need to also download the software from the Puppy Tweets website (it’s both Mac and PC compatible). Once installed this software prompts you to setup or use an existing twitter account. The program then asks if you would like to add your dog’s name, so it can be appended to the start of every tweet. You are then instructed to connect the USB dongle to your computer and for the final step unscrew the back of the tag and place in the supplied battery (you need a small screwdriver to do this). The dongle then detects the tag and your dog is on their way to social media fame!

In Use

When I put the tag on Eddie I set the ‘number of tweets’ function to medium and waited for the action to start. She initially ran around the house trying to grab and chew the tag, but eventually she forgot it was there. Gradually tweets started to come in and they vaguely indicated what activity she was doing (e.g. sleeping), however, they are definitely not a narrative of your dogs activities and some of the tweets are a little cheesy! The packaging states the sensor has a range up to 30m (100ft) but we did not rigorously test this feature.


The sensor tag seems fairly sturdy for just hanging around your dog’s neck. However, if your dog was able to chew the device I don’t think it would last very long. I also don’t think it is water proof so make sure your dog doesn’t dip it while having a drink.


I thought the value was reasonably good for a device of this type. It is a frivolous purchase but not at an outrageous expense.


Puppy Tales always recommends your dogs have supervised play with most toys, however, this device is not a toy so I would recommend you are extra careful and do not leave your dog(s) unattended with the tag as it is made from components (screws, plastic, metal and a battery) that would be dangerous if your dog swallows them.


There is just one size, which I think is too large for small dogs. The tag was large on Eddie and she is 8.5kg (18.7lbs), so it would really be big on dogs below this range.


  • It is fun to see your dog tweet!
  • Tweets are based on movement and sound, so tweets are partially tailored to what they are doing.
  • Soon the Puppy Tweets site will make new tweet packages available so your dog doesn’t repeat itself.


  • The length of the metal clip is too long as it enabled Eddie to reach down and hold the tag in her mouth, hence chew it.
  • Sometimes the device seemed to send tweets when the dongle was not plugged in and just the application was running.
  • The tweets have an American bias so if you are not from the USA it might be strange to see your dog tweeting about calling 911 and watching CSpan.


This device is great fun especially if you are into twitter and want your dog to join in! It is however a gimmick, so the fun won’t last forever and you might quickly tire of your dog’s canned chatter. This is the perfect gift for that dog (or dog owner) who has everything.

Let us know if your dog has been tweeting (with or without Puppy Tweets)!

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a blogger, digital strategist, business coach, zoologist and crazy dog-lady! Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. That equates to a lot of fun and vacuuming. Her dog’s names are Cresswell and Edwina (or Cress and Eddie).