Puppy love: dog-themed gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nearly here (a week away) and it is always nice to think about your loved ones on that day. My puppies will always have a special place in my heart so it’s great to be able to include them along with my two-legged Valentine. If you need some inspiration for what to get then check out our round-up of dog-themed gifts that you can easily make or find before February 14.

For the doggies!

Puppy Hugs and Kisses:
Our friends over at Pretty Fluffy always know how to create something lovely for our furry friends on Valentine’s Day and this year is no exception with their Puppy hugs and kisses dog treats. They are simple to make and the pictures make them look irresistible.

Hugs and kisses dog treatsPuppy hugs and kisses

Valentine Bow Tie Collar:
If you would prefer to make something longer lasting than delicious treats how about a Valentine bow tie dog collar from stuffstephdoes.com? Check out her tutorial and her lovely model (dog) Lucy.

Valentine Bow Tie CollarValentine Bow Tie Collar

Valentine Welcome Rug:
While this DIY heart rug mightn’t be strictly for the doggies, in my house they are definitely the ones who need to wipe their feet! So a quick run over a rug outside their dog door always helps. This quick DIY from Sarah over at Chic Sprinkles is a lovely and simple gift.

Valentine Bow Tie CollarValentine Welcome Rug

For the dog-lover!

Mini Puppy Cupcakes:
We are big fans of Bakerella and always drop past her blog when she has posted up a new sweet creation. We couldn’t resist featuring these mini puppy cupcakes here on Puppy Tales with their love-heart ears and noses just in time for Valentine’s Day. Note: these are for human consumption only.

Mini Puppy CupcakesMini Puppy Cupcakes

Poodle Card:
This lovely card from our very own Puppy Tales Shop might not have love-hearts all over it but its cute Poodle illustration with the pink beret makes it that perfect card for any dog-lover on Valentine’s Day.

Poodle CardPoodle Card

Dogs never lie about loveDogs never lie about love:
As a dog-lover I have a few shelves dedicated to books about dogs and never dislike getting a new one, so if nothing else suits your dog-loving Valentine then this delightful book could be the perfect gift. It draws upon the author’s observations of dog behaviour, scientific studies and stories from dog owners to help you better understand Canis lupus familiaris. It is available from many book shops as well as Book Depository and Amazon.

Hope you and your dog have an amazing Valentine’s Day!


Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a blogger, digital strategist, business coach, zoologist and crazy dog-lady! Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. That equates to a lot of fun and vacuuming. Her dog’s names are Cresswell and Edwina (or Cress and Eddie).