Your Photography Experience

~ Whether it’s a weekend away, an outing in a park or a studio session, you and your dog will be able to relax and be yourselves ~


Generally your photography session lasts 90 min to 2 hours but it all depends on your dog (or the number of dogs you have) and what we want to achieve in the session.  There’s no time limits – we can wait for your dog to warm up, to settle in, to wake up (on not if they are a puppy!), to perform that special trick or when we’ve made our way back from exploring an area (this is especially true of our retreats – we head out to the most amazing, often unknown parts of the area).  Generally, speaking we’re finished when either your dog or yourself is done (I can keep going and going and going when it comes to photographing an adorable dog!).  

Of course, our different sessions last different lengths of time, as they have been are created f0r different results, paces and styles.  Our Dogumentary sessions, for example, have many more quiet observing periods (or becoming pup-arazzi as I call it).  And out Play dates are broken up between the dogs to be photographed and around a nice coffee or lunch break).

As well as my camera gear, I will also have with me treats, noise makers, long leads, and any specific items that we may need for your session.  You’re welcome to bring along anything you’d like included – favourite toy, those treats that they will do anything for, their cute bowtie, etc

An overview of our photography sessions:

Session Location Based Studio Based Typical Number of Pets* Overview
Seasonal Photo Retreat X  

1 – 3

Puppy Tales can arrange dog-friendly accomodation
at a variety of stunning locations
Playdate Session X   Groups of dogs
(up to 12)
Ideal for extended families with dogs,
clubs or littermate reunions
On Location X   1 – 3 You choose the location!
Studio Experience   X 1 – 3 Stunning, tail-wagging studio photographs
Four Seasons X   1 – 3 Fun and frolics over four seasons
Growing Tales   X Single Capture your dog’s growth from puppy to adult
Dogumentary Day X   1 – 3 Photographs taken over the course of a day
Forever Photos  X X Single A tribute session for a critically ill pet
* Almost all of the time we are happy to accommodate additional pets in our services.  Limitations may be imposed by accommodation availability, size of the pets, compatibility of pets, etc.  Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Please note, limited sessions are available each month.  This helps us to preserve our unrivalled photography and service.  And our retreats often book out months in advance.  It’s recommended that you book early to ensure availability and to secure your preferred date.

More and more, we’re being asked to travel to other Australian states.  In 2017 we have plans for Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.  Look out for dates and other destinations on our social media and blog. Or if you’d like to register interest in Kerry coming to your city – get in touch.  If you and 4 friends would each like a session, we can organise a time to come to you.  If you’re interested in a session just for you, don’t want to wait and are happy to cover travel fees, then please get in touch to discuss.

For more information on the photography sessions we offer pop over here.

And for information on the next step – the Preview & Artwork Consultation  – click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Puppy Tales Photography Sessions

Photography sessions last typically last between 1 and 2 hours.  The time taken will depend on the number of pets and people involved, the location, the time we have available and any special requirements for your pets.  When we have discussed your requirements and designed your photography session, we will be able to advise if there is any likelihood of your photography session requiring additional time.

Most typically the length of the photography session will be decided by the pets we are photographing. Some need a little extra warm up time at the start.  Older dogs may not have the same stamina as younger dogs, so we will be working within their constraints.  We are guided by how your pet is going when they are having their photo taken as to how long the session lasts.  We will always prioritise our time to ensure that we get the most important photos to you.

We don’t book back to back appointments, so if extra time is required on the day for your photographic experience then we can easily accommodate it.  There are no additional changes if additional time is required.

Photography Playdates will last approximately 4-6 hours including time for lunch.

We will monitor the weather and conditions forecast in the lead up to your photography session.  If, on the morning of your session, it’s looking likely that the weather won’t be suitable for your photography session we will be in touch with you.  Options in the event of unsuitable weather may include rescheduling for a different date, changing to a location where inclement weather doesn’t matter, changing to a studio session or deciding to go ahead…. but dressed in our raincoats and gumboots!

We let dogs be dogs!  And we ‘talk dog’ – in first meeting them we will quickly develop an understanding of what motivates them and what they will respond to.  Some require a gentle approach, others a calm approach and some a highly animated approach in order to get the best of their personality in their photos.

Include a moving portrait as part of the photography experiences and products we offer is something that we’re working on.  If this is of interest as an add-on for your photography experience, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate this for you.

We love to travel!  We regularly travel interstate to photograph dogs throughout Australia.  We will announce upcoming trips in our News & Events on the website and also on our Puppy Tales Photography Facebook and Instagram pages.  You’re also welcome to drop us an email to let us know that you’d be interested in a session in your home town - and when there’s sufficient interest for that destination, we’ll plan a visit.  

If you’re international to Australia and would love for us to travel to you – then feel free to get in touch. We’d love to plan an international tour!

As soon as you know that one of the people or pets involved in the session won’t be able to attend, then please give us a call to reschedule.

Chances are that you will have your mobile with you and may want to post a quick insta-pic of you dog the star and that’s fine – just tag us!  Please bare in mind though, you won’t have much opportunity for taking photos – that’s what we are there for!  And we want for your dog to be focussing on the right camera. You’ll also be in front of the camera if you’re part of the session and mostly your assistance will be required with your dog’s behind the camera.

In the studio, nope!  We schedule so that we don’t have dogs (other than yours) crossing paths.

On location - possibly.  It will all depend on where we are headed.  Obviously we can’t prevent anyone else accessing public areas so we have to go with what we find when we arrive on location.  If the presence of other dogs is a concern, then it’s something that we will discuss and plan for at your Design Consultation.  

The Snow - Hands down my favourite!  It’s just so much fun and it’s so beautiful a backdrop!

Studio – The simplicity, flexibility and consistency of the studio makes it a great location for your pet to truly shine.

The Beach – For active dogs nothing beats a sprint along the beach and into the water!  They love it and the action photos are a wonderful reflection of their exuberant personality.

Parks, especially in autumn & spring.  We love the colour and fun of parks at these times of year.  Your dog bounding into a pile of leaving and springing back out or racing around in an open park of flowers are just going to be such lovely moments to capture.

Anywhere that is meaningful to you.  While we have our favourites, it is also wonderful to accompany you to a place that has meaning in your life. Your connection to and experience of these places means the photography we capture is going to be extra special.  We’ve visited grandpa’s farm, the park where a dog has been walked nearly every day and favourite holiday destinations.

We all know that puppies grow up far too quickly!  All those adorable things about puppies - their role polly walk, the new discoveries, the clumsiness and the tininess - don’t last for long.  The Puppy Tales photography is four sessions over your puppy’s first year - from the first days you welcome them to the family through to their first birthday (maybe a bit after for bigger breeds that are still growing past their first birthday!).  From these sessions we’ll have an incredible collection of photographs that capture all the changes as your puppy grows.  We will design an beautiful piece or collection for your walls.  You’ll also have many gorgeous photos for a folio box collection or an album.  

The playdate experience is a wonderful day out and the photographic memories of that time spent together.

The playdates include extended time for the photography experience and allow us to best cater for a larger group of people and dogs.  We can capture dogs individually, the individual groups or families and the whole group/family at a relaxed pace.  Lunch is included in the playdate.

The playdates are perfect for extended families, a group of close dog loving friends, a close knit group from a dog obedience or training club, or a dog social group.  We cater for up to 10 dogs on our Photography Playdates.

We will head somewhere that is special to the group or that is gorgeous at a particular time of year.

We’ve had playdates at the snow in Winter, in the Dandenongs in Autumn and Spring and in some of the larger beautiful parks in Melbourne suburbs.

We offer several playdate locations - Check out our Playdate Page for any upcoming locations we have planned.  You can also contact us to organise your own Playdate time and location.

The Snow Dog Retreats are a truly wonderful opportunity to get away with your dog to the snow and have the fun and memories of your experience there photographed and preserved.

The Snow Dog Retreats & Photography Sessions are held in Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps.  Dinner Plain is a small gorgeous village about 10km from Mount Hotham and our best friends are permitted to accompany us there!

For further information please head to our Snow Dogs Page.

The Fall Dog Retreats are a truly wonderful opportunity to get away with your dog to one of the amazing dog friendly destinations that are especially beautiful this time of year.  Here we’ll have a wonderful time playing amongst the leaves, exploring the destinations and capturing memories of your experience there.

The Fall Dog Retreats are held in Beechworth, Bright & Mount Macedon (and maybe other destinations in the future!).  

For further information please head to our Fall Dogs Page.

The Blossom Dog Retreats are a truly wonderful opportunity to get away with your dog to one of the amazing dog friendly destinations that are especially beautiful this time of year.  Here we’ll have a wonderful time playing amongst flowers, petals and long lush green grass, exploring the destinations and capturing memories of your experience there.

The Fall Dog Retreats are held in gardens and farms in Mount Dandenong.  

For further information please head to our Blossom Dogs Page.

The Water Dog Retreats are a truly wonderful opportunity to get away with your dog to one of the amazing dog friendly destinations located along the coast.  Here we’ll have a wonderful time playing along the beach with your dog, exploring the destinations and capturing memories of your experience there.

The Fall Dog Retreats are held on the Mornington Peninsula and at Inverloch (and maybe other destinations in the future!).  

For further information please head to our Water Dogs Page.

The Four Sessions is our most opulent photographic experience.  We will plan four photography sessions for your puppy or dog over the course of a year – with one of those sessions being an Aussie Snow Dog Retreat. You will have stunning photography of your dog in each of the sessions and from these we’ll create a stunning wall art collection.  You’ll also be able to purchase any of our other photography products in addition.