Prepare for Your Photography Session

~ Make all the arrangements for our date, location, and styling ~

Getting everything ready for your session.  Depending on your session & requirements, some we do, some you do.  This may include:

  • Providing you any information you need, answering your questions
  • Arranging location permission or permits
  • Organising travel and accommodation
  • Purchasing or finding background, props or accessories
  • Location Scouting
  • Studio setup and styling
  • Test shoots

Some things you may need to do in preparation:

  • Dog grooming
  • New outfit/s for yourself or your dog
  • People grooming
  • Shopping or purchases for anything to be included (updating your dog’s fav toy perhaps!)

Frequently Asked Questions about Preparing for your Photography Session

Every session is different but to get the best of your photographic experience there is going to be preparations that you and that we do.  Some of the preparations you might do before your photographic experience include

  • Groom your pet or booking them in for a bath and blow-dry with their groomer.  Don’t forget clipping toe nails and cleaning your dogs eyes.
  • Maybe you’d also like a little ‘grooming’ or pampering yourself before you’re photographed with your dog.  Book in with those who are going to make you feel gorgeous!
  • Purchasing new toys (particularly if your dog’s favourites are a bit old and grungy)
  • Purchasing new accessories for your session.  A brand new sparkly collar perhaps?  Or something that you know is going to elicit a great response when it comes out!
  • You may want to fine tune some of their basic training - sit and stay being good ones.  Some teach their dog a new trick to have that captured at the session.
  • Clear your schedule around the session - it’s going to be more fun if you’re relaxed, have the time to prepare and enjoy and aren’t worried about an appointment after your session.
  • Spend time with your dog and thinking about what you love in them the most.  Often after we’ve had our design consultation you’ll think of a look, expression, mannerism or relationship that you also would like from the session and hanging out with your dog, seeing them do something in particular, will most often be the catalyst for that thought!
  • Pack a bag!  So that you have everything that you want on the day and haven’t forgotten or left anything behind.
  • If your dogs collar leaves an indentation or mark around your dogs neck, if its safe to do so, then leave it off around home in the lead up to the session.  Then that mark won’t be showing up in your photos.
  • Read and sign the Release paperwork so that we start with the photography when you arrive.
  • If you have a highly energetic pet, taking them for a walk or exercise prior to their session.
  • If its an at home location session - tidy up beforehand.  We don’t want the pile of washing that includes your bright green socks to be seen in the background and we don’t want to spend any the session time with you having to put that away.

We’ve more extensive information on preparing for your pet photography session here.  We will also discuss the preparations that you need to do prior to your session specifically at the Design Consultation.

Don’t have your dog groomed the day of the session.  For many dogs this not their favourite experience so they might turn up for their photo session ‘out of sorts’.  For others, even if they don’t mind the groomer, it’s an activity that can sap their energy so they arrive for their photo session, ready to sleep.  

If you don’t love your dog appearance the immediately post clipping, then don’t do that the day before their session!  Or tell your groomer what you are doing and ask for a longer clip than normal.  With lighter coloured dogs, there skin colour may also show through coat with a recent clip.  

Also on grooming, after you’ve prepared them for their stunning close up - be mindful of where you walk them or allow them off lead.  You don’t want them running through mud or muck the morning of their photo session and undoing the previous day’s efforts at the groomers.

We recommend not feeding them immediately before their session and if they are fed a breakfast, reducing the amount they receive prior to their session.  They are going to receive treats during the session and will be more responsive to them if they don’t already have a full belly.

Puppy Tales Photography will undertake the following preparations (as needed) for your photographic experience:

  • Research for something we’ve discussed during the Design Consultation - particularly the photographic experience is conceptual in design.
  • Help source props or accessories for your photographic experience
  • Location scouting
  • Organise permits or other location requirements.
  • Purchase background or other requirements for your session
  • Setting up the studio
  • Monitor the weather and conditions forecast
  • Arranging an photography assistant

Not every space within any house will be ideal for photography.  But in 98% of homes there will be somewhere that we can photograph.   Ok - we’re actually guessing the percentage but there’s probably a couple of homes in existence were it’s just not ideal to photograph there.  We’ve not experienced this to date.

We may need to open blinds or shutters to give us extra light, move some furniture or head into the backyard so that we can photograph in the best light available but we can make it work.  Like anything that might be a concern for you in the lead up to your session, it’s best to discuss it with us prior.  Together we can work out a solution or the best approach for you.

This is a frequently asked question indeed!  We will talk about the what to wear at your design consultation.  We also provide ideas and guidance on the website on What to Wear.  If even with this you’re still not sure, lay out a couple of options, send us a photo and we can give you further guidance on this.

We can assist in arranging makeup and/or hair styling however any costs associated aren’t included in your session fee.

Things your may want to think about bringing along:

  • Favourite Toys
  • Favourite Treats
  • Favourite Outfits and Accessories
  • Favourite blankets or rugs
  • Anything else that you pet loves
  • Anything that has been custom or hand made especially for your dog.
  • Any people that your pets responds particularly well to - they will be invaluable in helping during the session.

It’s far better to have packed something that we don’t end up using, than to have left something at home that you needed or would have liked to have included.

Yes!  While we have treats, we don’t have every treat available.  And that may mean, we won’t have your dog’s personal favourite!  We definitely want for this to be a great experience for your dog/s so bring their favourite treats along.

Please let us know in advance of any allergies your dogs has.  While we use treats that are safe to most dogs, we would still prefer to know and discuss this with you in advance.  While it’s unlikely that anything we have will be a potential hazard, we can then triple check just to be safe.

We highly recommend grooming your dog prior to the photography session - you want them looking gorgeous for their photos.  A white dog or a dog with white areas - you want for them to be white! Whether you do this yourself or seek professional services is a personal preference.  We recommend organising this for a day or two prior to your session.

If you’ve not travelling with your pet in the car before, we recommend you doing this prior to on the day of their session.  While most dogs are fine with car travel, if your dog is one of the few who don’t like or get car sick then they are not going to arrive feeling their best on the day.

If you know your dog doesn’t like car travel - then there are a couple of options. These include an on location session at home or within walking distance of home, arriving well in advance of your session and heading out for a walk in our neighbourhood prior. We’ll discuss the options you have and work out a plan for you at your Design Consultation.

Don’t forget your dog’s safety when travelling a car - a harness and seatbelt or a crate is going to be far safer for them than being loose in the car or on your lap.

We have lots - Kerry is often finding and buying things that she thinks will be great for photography.  We don’t have much clothing or outfits though as the range of sizes we would have to have makes it difficult.  Often your own props and accessories are going to be great in your photography session - they will have deeper meaning to you and your dog in the photos we capture.

For getting a dog’s attention we have a range of different squeakers, toys, clickers and noise makers.  What we use will depend on your dog and what they respond to.  Sometime the novelty of a particular squeaker sound will wear off but introducing another with a different squeak sound will rouse their attention again.

Yes!  We are always keeping our eyes open for new accessories or props that would be perfect for including in a photography session.

We love dogs and have a close eye on what’s available and new in the dog product world.  

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