Your Photography Preview & Artwork Consultation

~ View the photos, choose your favourites, and decide on presentation style ~

Okay – this is the best bit too!  Reliving your photography session + ooohing and ahhhing as to just how adorable your dog is.

Approximately one week after your session you’re invited back to the studio to preview your photos (or a nice local cafe when we’re at one of our destinations).  Turn magical moments into irresistible artwork. You’ll smile, giggle and, sometimes cry, during your and cry during your Slideshow Première. Oooh and ahhh over photographs that capture your dog’s tale.

At your personal preview appointment you get to see the gorgeous photos we have captured.  

We perfectly edit your photos and customise their presentation, the finishes and the sizes so you end up with what’s important to you and works for the places that you are going to display your photos – whether that be high gloss acrylic wall art that perfect captures that cheeky glimmer in your dog’s eye or an artisticly hand finished deluxe framed wall art piece that shows off your best friend in a traditional style that perfectly matches your decor.  

We offer credit card payments and customised interest-free payment plans for your photography orders.

You may find yourself so overwhelmed by the number of images that you love from your session that it seems impossible to choose what to hang on your walls!

Not to worry – we are happy to assist you with narrowing down which images would look best on your gallery wall. We are proud to offer a complimentary wall art design consultation during your ordering session. We have invested in unique visualization software that takes all of the guesswork out of the process by showing you exactly what your images will look like on the walls of your own home!  You simply provide us with a photo or photos of where you’re thinking you’d like your artwork.

It’s really easy…just follow the steps outlined in the Designing your Wall Art Guide that we’ve provided you and you will be on your way to having an amazing wall gallery with art that you will be proud to show off to your family and friends.

Take a look through the available product options to get you thinking about the outcome of your photo session.

Frequently Asked Questions for Your Previewing your Photography and your Artwork Consultation

You will get to see the photos from your session at the Preview and Artwork Consultation.

Your Preview and Artwork Consultation will occur approximately one week after your photographic experience – depending on your and our availability.  For those who’ve travelled interstate for one of our destination photography experiences, we’ll have the appointment before your departure.  Those from around Melbourne joining one of destination photography retreats, this consultation might be a little bit longer than a week later as the appointment will happen once we’ve returned from the location (allowing you to spend your time enjoy your holiday).

At your Preview and Artwork appointment you will be shown a gallery slideshow of all your photos.  This allows for you to see everything that we captured.  You will also be presented with some example collections and display ideas for your walls.  Our clients love this as it allows for them to visualise their photography in their home. Following this we will go more slowly through each photo to narrow down your favourites.  From these we will consider the artwork finishes, size and style we discussed at the Design Consultation and perfectly match your favourites of the photos captured for these preferred options.

At the end of this appointment together we will have designed your artwork, decided on any additional products or folio prints for yourself and as gifts and finalised your order.   

Your appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes. While it won’t always take that much time, I don’t want you to feel rushed while selecting your favourite photography to turn into stunning display pieces. Your artwork will be enjoyed forever.

As purchasing decisions for your photographic wall art and products will be made on the day, it is important that everyone who may want to purchase and the decision makers in the family are at this appointment. If required, please call to change the appointment to ensure this can happen.

If your kids or pets might become bored and restless during this consultation, you may find it easier to concentrate if alternate care arrangements are made for them.

We offer a range of gorgeous photography products from contemporary acrylic and metal prints to traditional fine art and framed prints to rustic stone prints.  Our range of photography products means that there is something to suit your style, and importantly will match the surroundings where your artwork will be displayed in your home.

All finished artwork are customisable in size and finish so that it will perfectly suit your wishes.

Head to our Photography Products, for more information on the products we offer.

This will vary depending on the photography experience we had with you – so the number of pets and people photographed, the location and what you told us you wanted during the design consultation.  We are going to show the most incredible photos that match what you wanted.  We will also show you any awesome additional photos that were captured on the day.  You’ll typically see between 25 to 40 photos at your preview, sometimes more if you have a big pack.

In all our experience, more photos at a photography preview is not necessarily better, especially if there are many photos that are essentially a very similar variation of one another. We do the hard work of selecting the best from many great photos to present to you and those that give you the best variety.  This will allow for you to concentrate on picking your favourites and makes deciding on your photography artworks and products simpler for you.

We much prefer to show you all the products, finishes and options in person as you can then truly appreciate the fine quality of the photography products.  We also love to be able to offer you our expertise in designing beautiful wall art and immediately answer any questions you might have as you are finalising your order.  This makes decision making much easier and quicker for you.

We always offer both colour and black and white versions of the photos are your Preview Appointment giving you the option to select the finish that you love most.

We will add though, the majority of the wall art we deliver is full colour – our clients love having the colour of the dog’s (their eyes, their coats, their little details) in their photos and the warmth and joy that colour photography brings.  We will also have selected a background colour or a location selected at the Design Consultation to produce colours that will suit your home.

We specialise in finished artwork and products - giving you something beautiful to put on your walls and that brings you joy every day when you see it.  We feel it’s an incredible disservice to give only digital files – they never get finished, they never end up on your walls in the quality of finish they deserve, to be admired by you and showed off to your visitors.  Despite great intentions with digital files, most people don’t have the time, knowledge and expertise to produce stunning photography from the files.  They also don’t have the access to professional quality printers, craftspeople and products to get the best products available.

We will gift you complimentary internet files of the photos that are purchased as folio prints or wall art for sharing online and having with you on your mobile device.  Options for purchasing/receiving high resolution files start with a minimum order of $1500.

Initial editing is performed for all the photos you will see at your viewing.  Fine tuning editing is also included for photos purchased as prints or wallart.  Editing requested on images that are delivered only as digital files may incur additional editing fees due to the time taken, sometimes across all the photos captured.

Absolutely!  From you Design Consultation you will have an idea of what is possible and even if we haven’t 100% decided on a specific finish we will have narrowed the options so that your session will deliver the best photography for these options.  At your preview, we will have crafted previews of artwork and collections that will assist you in making your final decision.

We retain and backup copies all of the photographs you purchase.  This ensure that you have lasting ‘digital negative’ of the photos captured, just in case.

Due to the volume of photographs taken and the requirements of maintaining these and backups, it is not possible for us to keep all of the photographs that were taken.

We offer wall collections and products customised to your requirements.  Due to the personalised catering to each person’s desires we haven’t found that there are any orders that are identical so developing packages wouldn’t be likely to meet your requirements. We don’t see the point in you purchasing products that you don’t want in order to fit within a predetermined package.

We can honestly say that’s never happened!  Through our design consultation we are photographing to deliver to your wishes and expectations.

If you’re not delighted with the photography captured by Puppy Tales Photography, we offer the straightforward guarantee that we will photograph the session again at no further cost to you.

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and credit card (Visa, Mastercard & American Express).

Yes we do.  If you are thinking that you would like to spread the payments for your photography products out then please discuss the payment plan options with.  An initial payment at the time of your Preview and Artwork Consultation will be required to commence your payment plan.

There is no minimum spend.  

Of course you may order additional products or prints after this consultation. Please note that only files for photographs ordered at your Preview & Artwork Consultation are guaranteed to be retained by the studio and prices are subject to change.

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