A Delightful Photography Delivery

~ Your photo wall art and products are ready to be displayed and enjoyed! ~

Hang your artwork somewhere where you can enjoy it every day – relive the moment, remember the fun, giggle at your dogs antics and just be appreciative that you have such an amazing buddy.  

Pickup or shipping options available.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Delivery of Your Photography Products

The time until your photography is ready for collection will depend on what you’ve ordered.  Some products will take a little bit longer to produce than others.  At your Purchasing appointment we will let you know for the products you’ve ordered.  

If you need photography for an upcoming event or by a particular date, please discuss this with us.  We will be able to advise you as to whether it’s possible and/or what products optioned you will have for your timeframe.

We use several professional production laboratories and artisans around Australia for the products we offer.  We have spent considerable time locating the best quality and service in the businesses we work with to ensure that we can deliver the most beautiful, archival and enduring photography to our clients.  This is an incredibly important part of a professional photography experience and it’s our pleasure to provide it to you.

Yes they are.  We expect that all Puppy Tales Photography Wall Art will be for you and family to enjoy for a long time and will provide you with instructions to help preserve and care for your photography.  We also guarantee all our work for a full 5 years against faulty workmanship.  If wallart, albums or prints, frames or albums purchased with us is deemed faulty due to a manufacturing process, simply return it, we will repair or replace them free of charge.

We are happy to help find an expert to assist you with this.

Want to upsize a folio print to wall art?  Want to purchase another print as a gift for Christmas or a birthday?  That’s no problem.  We keep the files for any photograph you’ve ordered so that you can always come back to us for purchasing more of those photographs.


If it wasn’t a photograph that you ordered at your Purchasing Appointment but you’ve later seen it (perhaps on social media which has happened!) and you’d now like a copy, then please get in touch to ask.  We don’t keep all files from a session but if we happened to think it was a particularly great photo then we may have kept it.  It certainly won’t hurt to enquire.

You'll receive internet versions of the photos you’ve purchased.  These will contain a watermark for your and our protection - we don’t want for your photos to be end up advertising a brand or product that you wouldn’t personally endorse or otherwise used without your permission which unfortunately happens all too frequently online.

Yes there are.  We provide detailed instructions on the care of your photography products.

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