A-Z of Dogs: A Photographic Dogalogue of Australia

Guess how many different dog breeds currently live in Australia.
50? Freezing!
100! Cold.
150? Warmer…
No, the answer, believe it or not, is approximately 200. This means if you sit down and brainstorm as many different breeds as you can think of, there’s a good chance you’re sharing this great continent with most of them.
Think of all that diversity – it’s quite incredible really! From a 2 kg Chihuahua to an English mastiff weighing in at fifty times that.  You begin to realise how delightfully diverse dogs are. And that’s not to mention the delightful cross breeds and unique mutts!
It is inspirational how there’s a size, shape and character of dog suitable for every person, niche, and need. From the working dog to the canine companion, assistance dog to the pampered pooch, there’s a dog for everyone.
A Photographic Dogalogue of Australia
Which set me wondering, in my years as a professional dog photographer, how many of these breeds have I photographed? Indeed, over the years I’ve met and photographed literally hundreds of wonderful individual dogs.  But I realise I have yet to frame many breeds, especially the rarer ones, through my camera lens.

A Pawsome Idea

Then, in a one-thing-leads-to-another train of thought, a wonderful idea popped into my head. Wouldn’t it be pawsome to create a comprehensive pictorial canine kaleidoscopic record of all the dog breeds and the various mixes currently living in Australia?
But this in no mean feat. It may take years, maybe a whole working lifetime to achieve….and I need your help to do it!

Celebrating a Canine Kaleidoscope of Doggy Diversity & Awesomeness

As a photographer and dog lover, I want to celebrate is the uniqueness of each breed, and the uniqueness when breeds are mixed. From the Pulli with their cords flying to the flowing locks of the Afghan hound; from the droopy face and heavy ears of the Basset hound, to the hidden eyes of the Old English sheepdog; from the velvet wrinkles of the Shar Pei to the Chow chow’s purple tongue….you get the picture! And to then also look at the characteristics when such breeds are mixed.  
Once thought, something as epic as this is difficult to ‘unthink’, which is why I’m sharing the idea with you, fellow four-legger fan. I would love your help – and that of your dog- to create a photographic A-Z Dogalogue (as a means of keeping the pack in order!).

Keiko the Japanese Spitz in the Dogalogue of Australia

Calling All Dogs

It’s my hope and intention to photograph dogs from each and every breed in Australia, and as many cross & hybrid breeds as I can.  Please read on for more details and how I’ll be approaching the project.
Here’s how it will work:

  1. Periodically, I’ll put out a call for dog lovers to register their dog from a certain letter of the alphabet (hence the A to Z 😊 of our Dogalogue) – or if you’d like to jump in now, you’re welcome to register your dog in the form below now.
  2. From the registrations I’ll select the dog/s to represent their breed or mix and get in touch to arrange their photography session.
  3. As a ‘Thank you’ for sharing your dog’s pawsomeness with the world, each dog selected to participate will receive:
    • A studio photography session
    • A $250 Puppy Tales Photography gift certificate
    • Inclusion in the Puppy Tales Model Database (our first point of call when we are looking for gorgeous doggie models for our commercial, project and personal work)

Focussing In:

  • This isn’t about choosing a ‘best in breed’ (I mean, really, all dogs are incredible, amazing and adorable), but about revelling in individual, quirky characteristics and adorable looks. The aim is to create a canine celebration of real dogs, with all their quirks and funny habits  that add so much colour and meaning to our lives
  • I’d don’t want to ‘breed-ist’ about this – I want to embrace all canine-kind! Afterall, we ourselves have one purebred and one rescue mix – both equally special and adored.  Whilst one aspect will be a focus on the different breeds, we want to also include the cross and hybrid dogs too, from working dog and arctic breed mixes to Cavoodles and Jugs!  Look out for the week that their ‘Letter’ is up and register.  And for the Letter ‘X’ we’ll be on the hunt for X-breeds (see what we did there?!) and Letter ‘U’ for the the more unusual and unique mixes.  I’m so excited to see where that takes us!
  • There might be times when we put out specific breed callouts – especially towards the end when we realise there are some notable absences!
  • The value of the gift certificate covers one of our beautiful folio prints without any extra to pay, but if you’d like you can certainly use those $$$ towards beautiful wall art for your home. Should you so wish, the gift certificate could also be used towards a tailored photography session of your choice.
  • What am I going to do with all the photographs?  Well to start with, they are going to showcased and their stories shared amongst our Dog Tales.  And while I have a whole bunch of ideas floating around in my brain for this project, for the time being I want to kick it off (make sure it’s got legs, so to speak!) and to see just where the momentum takes us!

Summer the Border Collie cross in the Dogalogue of Australia

Can you help with my canine quest?

To start pupulating the Puppy Tales photographic dog park, I’d love to hear from you and about your dog.
If you have a true canine character or a super-clever (or delightfully dopey) dog and would like to pawticipate, please complete this short form.
Also, keep an eye out for “Letter callouts” both here and on Puppy Tales social media pages. We’ll also shout out when specific breeds are needed to come and play ball.
If you’d like to register more than one dog, please complete form for each of them.
If you are registering ahead of the callout for your breed, there will most likely be a wait but don’t worry we’ll hang onto your info until it comes time for considering that breed!

Register Your Pooch for Dogalogue

  • Your Dog's Details

  • Fun Stuff

  • Drop files here or
    Maximum file size permitted 2MB. If you're having difficulties uploading you're welcome to email photos to me directly - [email protected]
  • Your Details

  • Your answer does not preclude your dog from the project. We ask so we can plan appointments and session suitable for both the project and your wishes
  • Botanic Ridge is a South East suburbb of Melbourne, Australia. This is predominately a studio based project however other opportunities for inclusion may arise as we travel frequently.


  • The dogs selected to participant are entirely at the discretion of Puppy Tales Photography.  While we would love to accommodate every dog, submitting a registration doesn’t not guarantee acceptance into the project – we’re looking to encompass a diverse range of dogs – ages, colours, talents amongst the breeds and mixes.
  • If my dog is selected to participate, I agree to sign a model release forms that allow Puppy Tales Photography reasonable use of photography of my dog.  This may include promotional uses, printing, publishing and display, and  in appearing online on the Puppy Tales website and social media accounts.

Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.