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Naughty or Nice List 2021 — Sneak Preview

It’s that time of year again. The smell of pulm pudding or eggnog lingers in the air and hoomans are starting to get their gifts in order. Most importantly, all the puppers and doggos are looking back at their 2021 with one question looming overhead:

Have I made it onto Santa Paws’ nice list?

Naughty or Nice…. The Big Reveal

The good news is that your faithful floof won’t have to wait much longer! Yes, all will be revealed on December 1st! Keep your eye on the Puppy Tales Photography Facebook Page.

*Spoiler alert — Santa Paws is dropping his list at 8 AM AEST. We have it on good authority! (????)

Naughty or Nice Sneak Peek Title

Santa Paws’ Big Mistake

Soooo as it turns out, when Santa Paws sent us updates on the Naughty & Nice list, he accidentally attached a partially completed list. We don’t want to ruin our rapport with the jolly bearded pooch from the North Pole, so we can’t include the WHOLE list. We decided to sniff out our doggos’ names, and … well … we weren’t too surprised!

We only found their names on the list, so we’ve done our best to guess why they’ve ended up where they have:

Name: Keiko

AKA: The Fluffy Pillow Hoodlum

2021 Status: Naughty

Naughty Niggles:

  • Plundering pillows — He’s exceptionally good at sneaking in and taking over the human pillows. Before we know it, hubby and I have nowhere to rest our heads!
  • Treat Trickery  — He used his powers for evil. We have to admit, he out-foxed his hoomans a few times to score some extra treats. Well played, Sir. Well played.
  • Oh, Deer! — When we were in Snow Backcountry this year, he took himself walkies, chasing a deer deep into the snow. It gave Sam and me a huge fright! And it didn’t help that he’s EXACTLY the same colour as snow…
  • Stealing Strawberries — We were wondering why our garden’s harvest was so scant — until we saw the bright red strawberry juice on his fluffy maw!

Puppy Tales Naughty or Nice Sneak Peek Keiko

Good-Boi Graces:

(There might still be hope for 2021!)

  • Snuggle Superstar — After a long day, there’s nothing like some Keiko snuggles!
  • Brilliant Bathtime  — Many pooches hate bathtime — not Keiko. He always sits quietly (even when it’s time for a nail-trim!)
  • Amazingly Adorable — I’ve always said that Keiko’s a real Cutey! Oh, and did we mention the resemblance to Santa Paws ?????! Surely that has to count for something!

Name: Summer

AKA: Howly McCat Chaser

2021 Status: Naughty

Naughty Niggles:

  • Cat Capers — Summer’s love for Mr Magoo borders on obsession. She should really let sleeping cats lie — especially when they’re wanting calm away from you!
  • Nail-clip Nightmares  — She’s adorable, but the dramas of trimming her toenails and toe fluff are hard to overlook!
  • Howl ya doin’? — It’s finally happened — Summer taught herself to howl! Camping has become pretty loud  — it’s intents even…. well except that we’re in the caravan…
  • Alarming Attention  — Okay, so it is super cute that you’re so curious about the world. But your attention span is like a puppy’s — even though you’re nearly 7! Maybe it’s time to grow up (but not old. Never grow old ????)

Puppy Tales Sneakpeek Naughty Dog Summer 2

Good Girl Graces:

(There might still be hope for 2021!)

  • Lover of Life — Summer loves walks, runs, and just doing anything and everything that her humans do. Her enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Snuggle Life — The snuggle life didn’t choose you. You chose the snuggle life — this year to be precise! Summer has finally decided to be a snuggler, which means her hu-mum is totally wrapt and finding it easier to overlook some foibles!
  • Pawfect Poser — Summer is the ideal studio dog. She’s always on hand when it comes time to set up the studio for photos, posing paw-fectly while her hu-mum checks her lighting and sets!
  • Gooey Guide  — aaaaaand when asked ‘where’s Gooey?!’ Summer does really well to hunt down Mr Magoo when he’s playing Hide and Seek.

Name: Rosie

AKA: Chicken McGlurk

2021 Status: Naughty

Naughty Niggles:

So this is a tough one, and to be honest, we’re quite surprised! Santa Paws must have seen things that we haven’t. Hmmm … maybe there are a few we can think of:

  • Chasing Chooks — I know it’s tempting, but chickens deserve a bit of peace and quiet!
  • Furniture Faux Pas — Yep, Rosie climbed up onto the couch when she was all wet and stinky.

In all honesty, that’s all we can think of!

Puppy Tales Sneakpeek Naughty Dog Rosie 2

Good Girl Graces:

(There might still be hope for 2021!)

  • Super Sweet  — Rosie is a super sweet girl, and to her human pawrents, she certainly can do no wrong! Perhaps Santa Paws and his elves can borrow their rose-tinted glasses when they check the list again.
  • Funny Bunny — She’s super funny, even when she’s answering back. One laugh easily trumps a furniture faux pas!

Name: Mr Magoo

AKA: Captain Fuzz

2021 Status: Nice

Wait. What?

Look, I’m just glad that there’s SOME redemption for the Puppy Tales pack (even if Mr Magoo is a cat!)

I suppose it’s fitting for 2021 — the world has definitely gone upside down this year! Ol’ Gooey has made the Nice list this year despite his own Naughty Niggles:

  • Digging up the bedroom carpet
  • Dropping some presents  — and NOT under the Christmas Tree!

Santa Paws must have been influenced by Mrs Claws on this one — we hear she’s a fan of paddy-pawed, squishy-faced kitties!

Puppy Tales Naughty or Nice Sneak Peek Mr Magoo

Doggo’s 2021 Status Update: Naughty or Nice?

Think you know where your fur-baby’s name is gonna end up? Have they been the sweetest pup in the world or a real hell-hound?

Ooh, and remember to check out the Naughty or Nice list on Facebook when it drops at 8 AM on December 1st! Find out if your furry companion is getting some cracking canine Christmas gifts, or if they’ve just been getting away with all their naughtiness this year!

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