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Love Your Pet Day: What My Dogs Wrote in a Letter to Me

Move over Valentine’s Day… because February 20th is ‘Love Your Pet’ day.

Last year to mark the event, I wrote a letter to my gorgeous pack (Keiko, Summer, and Rosie) telling them how much I love them and how very committed I am to them.

So this year imagine my surprise, when a paw-print covered envelope appeared on the doormat.

Inside I found three letters (a little soggy and slightly dog-eared). I didn’t recognise the writing at first, but the paper had a ‘doggy’ smell about it. Imagine then how my heart leapt with excitement when I spotted the signatures: Keiko, Summer, and Rosie!

Cute dogs posing on the couch

My precious pups have written back to me!

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so confident. What would my dogs have to say? Would they think I am a good or a bad pet parent? Only one way to find out…

Read the letters.

The first was from Keiko and it said:

Hi Mum,

Keiko here. You are awesome, and I love you to the moon and back with a thousand million dog biscuits on top.

Sorry if I was a bit different to usual, when you first brought Summer home. I was worried that you might not love me as much, but I was wrong. And it turns out you were right, she isn’t that bad after all. In fact it’s fun having a playmate and it’s great playing tug with her rope toys, and you have more than enough love to go round.

A letter from Keiko

I love that Summer and I get to sleep on the bed, and you are the first thing we see in the morning. Your sticky-up bed-hair is so funny, and it makes my tail wag hard.

I love you so much that I try not to mind when you have an occasional lie-in and my walk is late. In fact, my favourite way to start the day is with a walk and the walk is even more fun with treats…oh, and fun training.

Just one small point on the subject of training: I can hear you. In fact, I can hear you very well. If I don’t answer it’s because there’s something super interesting that needs taking care of. Please bear this in mind and instead of turning up the volume try a different tactic. (Hint – you know I’m partial to treats).

Don’t be downhearted about the treats thing, you will get the hang of it, just like you have come to realise that I’m not sure about small children. But thank you that I don’t have to say “Hello” to them anymore….and if you could just remember that delivery men are strange and scary then life would be super peachy.

I love how you take care of me, keep me safe, and appreciate how handsome I am. But if you are interested in being the perfect pet parent, there’s that spot at the base of my tail which you know makes me go all gooey when scratched. Oh yes, and once in awhile if you let me choose the walk direction and sniff to my heart’s content, that would be furbulous.

Anyhow, I’m so glad you’re my mum and I’m sorry if my Spitz stubborn side sometimes comes out. I love you really and I know you love me.

Love and licks,

The second letter was from Summer, my youngest fur-baby.

Woofs to you, Hu-Mum,

Thanks for letting me round things up. Thank you for all the balls you throw, your arm must get tired. Life is so exciting with you. Woof. There’s running and fetch and swimming and more running and walks and bouncing and more running…Oh, and digging, I’m a bit impartial to digging on occasion aren’t I…?

A letter from Summer

Oh dear, am I a little hectic? Perhaps I could try to gentler with my fur-siblings, but I’m only young. Woof. OK, perhaps I could be more obedient around new dogs, but I am learning. I love you so much and you try sooooo hard to be patient with me, so I promise to listen, and try and remember. But it’s hard when there’s so much interesting stuff going on. Woof.

Hey, here’s an idea. If you let me get completely covered in mud occasionally, (like my fur-brother Quiz, it looks such fun), I’m sure that would help my concentration. Woof.

Anyhow, I wanted to say Woof and tell you there is no one else I want to be with, and if you want any toys rounded up, then I’m the dog for the job.

Woofs and wags, Summer.

And last but not least, a note from their fur-sister, Rosie (who visits often but is actually my parents dog).

Rosie with a big smile

Greetings Kezz,

What Keiko and Summer are trying to say is that you are a special pet parent and they love you very much. And if they said anything about ‘Not enough home baking’ then take it with a pinch of salt.

I think it’s great that, even though you think it’s disgusting, you understand about the whole butt-sniffing, rolling-in-stuff thing and let us be dogs. I love coming over and it makes me so happy to have sleepovers with Keiko and Summer.

Anyhow, keep up the paws-ome work and know that your fur-family appreciate you, even though they are hard work at times – they’re just being dogs, you know.

Warm wags,

Wow! I love these guys! It’s helpful to think of where we ‘could do better’, and uplifting to know what we do right.

(Who knew about Keiko and the bed-hair, I just thought he was happy to see me.

And how about you? What do you think a letter from your fur-friend would say? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with Puppy Tales.

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