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Lockdown & Iso Care Package Exchange

** The Puppy Tales Care Package Exchange is now complete **

Life in Melbs & Vic isn’t that pawsome at the moment. And it’s not ideal in many other areas of Australia.  As we heard the announcements of Stage 4 here, after the huge disappointed passed, an idea began to form….

Before I was a dog photographer, I was in the Navy. And when we went away on deployment, our loved ones would send us care packages. Things from home and things that would brighten your day.  And it made such a difference.

So with this in mind, I thought a care package exchange between dog lovers in Australia might be just a small way that we could look out for one another in these difficult times.  A way to help all of us get through the strange and difficult times that we find ourselves in.

Some guidelines

  • Suggested spend $20 + postage.  Of course, you’re welcome to make something to send in lieu of purchasing something. 
  • Items can include those for dog/s, the dog lover themselves or both.  Some ideas – toys, treats, accessories, apparel, homeware, stationery or a gift card for your favourite small business. 
  • For food/treat items, please include ONLY packaged and store-bought items, preferably listing the ingredients (we don’t want anyone or their dogs getting sick or worse).
  • If you’re purchasing something to send, please consider supporting small local businesses, especially those that have been impacted by lockdowns/restrictions.
  • Please send your care package so that it’s received by the 13th September 2020 (the current period of stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne).
  • You’re encouraged to participate in this as an exchange or paying it forward. The number of packages we have for ‘Receive only’ or ‘Nominating a Recipient’ will be limited. There’s also scope for care packages to be sent to dogs in rescue/shelters.
  • The information requested will be used to help with matching for the exchange and helping the ‘Giver’ to decide on the items to send you/your dogs. I’ll match or pair givers & receivers (including to shelters/rescues) and email the details to you.  I’ll do a first-round the week of 17th August and maybe another after that (all depends on interest).
  • I’ve put this together in good faith, and hopefully, those participating do so in the same good faith. Puppy Tales can’t be held responsible for items not being sent, arriving outside the timeframe or being lost in delivery.  

Join the Care Package Exchange

Fill out the form below and you’ll be matched with someone to give/receive your care package to.

  • If you'd like to nominate someone you know needs a pickup. Please include their name, why you're nominating them and any additional comments.
  • Please include: Name/s Breed/s, Age/s, Their Size (Toy, S, M, L, XL), Their neck size in cm. Any additional comments (for example, allergies or fav colour)


Sorry, Australian delivery addresses only. 

If you’re worried about your privacy in sharing your address, we recommend using a PO Box address.

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