Hot Day Timetable – 10 Fabulous Hot Day Ideas with your Dog

So it’s sweltering hot outside, and you decide to head down the street. You pop on your skivvy and jeans, add a thick fur coat and shove your feet into your ugg boots. You grab your keys, then throw on a beanie and gloves as you head out the door.

Sounds crazy, right?

When it’s a hot summers day, we all know that our dog must be feeling hot like we are, but for our furry pals, it’s a whole other layer of hot (ugg boots and fur coat hot!).

Dogs’ full coverage of fur, plus their minimal ability to sweat means that hot days are to be handled with care.

We all see the lists of tips, like ’How to care for your dog on a hot day’. I know, however, from the pure fact that you are reading this post, that you are NOT the type of person to leave your dog in a car on a hot day anyway. In fact, you probably leave your dog inside with 3 bowls of water (in case 2 of them tip over), Ellen on the TV and the air con on all day while you are at work, just to make sure he or she is comfortable. You rock, by the way!

So today’s ‘Hot weather for dogs’ post, is a little different. Here is my version:

‘The top 10 ways to have an absolute blast with your best friend on a stinking hot day”


On a hot day, wake early and head to the beach with your dog

They make for the perfect day’s timetable, if you’re asking me.

The night before the hot day is forecast:

ONE – Make you and your dog icy poles.

Yours: fruit juice, a bit of diet lemonade and some berries.

Your dog’s: Liquid stock, and a handful of treats.

Freeze them overnight.

TWO – A night in with your dog.  

I mean, you would rather stay home and have an early night with your dog than go out late partying and leave him alone at home, right?  Spend some time together doing something you both love and the GO TO BED EARLY!

On the hot day:

THREE – Beachy Keen.

Get up early. Like 6.30am early (now aren’t you glad you went to bed early?). Put loads of towels into your car. Head to the beach with your dog. Swim, roll in sand, swim again, play chasey, and then wash off with a swim. Head home. (Now you are glad you have all of those towels).

FOUR – Wash your dog.

Today is a great day to give your dog a good shampoo. Whether it’s at home in the wheelbarrow, or at a coin dog wash, the combination of getting rid of all that sand and keeping your dog damp on a hot day is awesome.

Wash your dog ~ perfect for your Hot Day activities with your Dog

FIVE – Time for Training.

While your dog dries, it’s time for some indoor, air conditioned obedience drills.

This is the perfect time to try all of those commands your dog ‘should’ know, but forgets to practice.

Spend 15-20 minutes, and make sure there are some awesome treats on offer.

SIX – Movie Marathon

Now you will both be exhausted, so pick a great movie or two (hint: they have a dog in them somewhere – Snow Dogs maybe to help you keep your cool) and settle down on the couch (or mat) for some middle of the day down time.  Your movie marathon may or may not involve some hardcore napping!

SEVEN – Sprinkler Time

As it hits late afternoon, take yourselves back outside, turn the sprinkler on in a shady area, and play. He who gets the wettest, wins!

Sprinkler Time! Perfect for your Hot Day activities with your Dog

EIGHT – Treat Time!

Pull out your icypoles, and polish them off in a shady spot where drips don’t matter.

NINE – Friendly Fight

Head inside, and have a mist spray trigger bottle battle before bed.

TEN – Blissful Sleep

Pull a mattress out into the most airconditioned spot in the house, and curl up side by side for a deep, cool, peaceful sleep.

Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your ‘Hot Day Doggy Timetable’ ideas…

Karen Finnin

Karen is a Physiotherapist, and the Director of Barx Active. Karen is passionate about helping people to live an active life, with their dog by their side. Frustrated when her dog couldn’t join in with an outdoor group fitness session that she attended, Karen decided to launch Barx Active, together with her husband (and fellow Physio) Dan, and their border collie cross, Tux.