The 5 best things about holidaying with your dog

Whenever we are travelling in Australia, Keiko is right there on holiday with us. He is absolutely part of the family, so it’s important to us that he joins us on our holidays. As soon as we start to plan our next getaway and decide on a destination we’re researching dog friendly accommodation and finding out about all the dog-friendly activities we can do there with Keiko.

Our holidays are one of the things that we’re always looking forward to, so of course we want to include Keiko in the joy of a trip away. And the holidays we take are all the more amazing because he’s there with us! Here’s the 5 best reasons why:

1. Sightseeing by Foot

There is nothing quite like exploring a new destination by foot. While there are often many ways to see the sights, when you have your dog with you the most likely will be to get out and go for a walk. Often this will really get you off the beaten track and away from the main tourist attractions. And it’s during these walks that we have discovered the little hidden gems of a destination. It also means that we slow down to take it all in – the smells, the sounds, the tastes, as well as the ‘sights’.

When you take the time to head down a trail and discover a secluded little waterway — or find hidden treasures like a homemade ice cream shop just around the bend — it creates wonderfully unexpected highlights of your trip. While the big destinations and attractions are great, we’ve found that these little discoveries make for the real memories that you tell people about when you get home.

2. Meeting People

Nothing helps you meet new people like having a dog with you, particularly when you’re relaxed and have the time to stop and chat. People will smile and say ‘hello’ as you meet. Often they will cross the road to pat your dog, and from there it’s easy to strike up a conversation. Plus, when you meet others with their own dog you instantly have something in common.

You can ask those you meet questions you have about the place you’re holidaying. If they’re local, then you’ll get the lesser known local view on where to head and what’s good. If they’ve been here before, they’ll share the things they love that have them returning. And if it’s their first visit, well you can organise a playdate for your dogs later! It’s not uncommon on holiday to find yourself having a long chat about your dogs, activities they can do in the area or being let in on a little ‘local secret’.

3. Quality Time Together

With our busy lives, we often don’t spend the time that we would like with our dog. Sometimes we get home too late to take them out for a walk. Sometimes we don’t have the time for after dinner snuggles on the couch. Taking our dogs away with us means that — like with our partners and family — it’s a wonderful time TOGETHER. You can spend your whole day doing activities you all enjoy and you get to enjoy those activities more by being in the company of those you love.

4. Nothing you want to do on holiday will ever be a bad idea to a dog!

A walk along the boardwalk ~ woof! (YES!). Brunch at the local coffee shop ~ woof! Camping under the stars ~ woof! A scenic hike ~ woof! A picnic at the park ~ woof! Snuggles by the fire as you unwind ~ woof! Relaxing on the balcony to watch the sunset ~ woof! (With included belly rub please!). A sleep-in ~ woof, woof, woof!

Dogs love to spend time with you. Whatever you’re up for doing, then chances are they will be more than happy to do that, because it’s with you. I’ve never had Keiko give me a sad face about heading out because he’d rather do something else. He’s never turned down the chance for a walk or outing because he’s feeling tired. Dogs are just super agreeable which means they are going to be overjoyed to do whatever holiday activity you most want to do.

5. It’s ALL With Your Best Friend

The fun of experiencing a location with your dog. Seeing how they respond to a new destination or sight. The first time they step onto a frozen pond or you play ‘hide and seek’ with them in a maze. The joy that they approach any activity or new experience with is contagious. You’ll be laughing and playing more than you would if you didn’t have them with you. They are one of the best friends you’ll have in your life and so sharing the best times you have in your life will strengthen the connection you have.


What’s your favourite thing about holidaying with your dog? Where has your favourite trip been?
I’d love for you to share your experiences and inspire us all to have more dog inclusive travels!

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Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.

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