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Find Momo: The book

Last year we came across Momo the Border Collie on Instagram. We loved the amazing pictures of Momo hiding in a range of landscapes, taken by his owner Andrew Knapp. We weren’t the only ones, as the Instagram stream has now become a book! I love when projects in new technology become something tangible like a gorgeous book. It’s new ideas in an old medium!

If you are a fan of Where’s Wally (or Waldo depending on your country) then for dog lovers like us ‘Find Momo‘ is even better! A gorgeous dog, amazing pictures and the fun of finding Momo in every landscape. Sure, finding Momo’s hiding spot is not always that hard, but the fact that he hides there himself makes it so cute and fun. My little girl just LOVES looking for him!

Izzy and Cressy

The book is full of little facts about Momo and his owner Andrew. Things like how Momo’s name came about, their yellow van and their amazing travels.

The idea behind the original Instagram account (and eventually this book) happened back in 2012 when Andrew was out walking Momo and picked up a stick to throw. Before Andrew actually threw the stick Momo had run to the spot he thought it would land, where he was partially hidden behind a tree. Instead of throwing the stick Andrew told him to stay and took a picture – and so the game of hide-and-seek began.

Izzy and Cressy

The varied urban, natural, rural, seasonal and eclectic landscapes, combined with the gorgeous personalities of Momo and Andrew make this book endearing and a lovely gift for any dog lover.

Izzy and Cressy

If you are interested in purchasing Find Momo it is released on March 4 by Quirk books. Our copy is definitely a family favourite!

Check out the video:

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