Want to See Your Best Buddy on Puppy Tales?

Is your dog a star? Woof!

Do you have a tale to tell of the incredible bond you share with your Dog? Woof, Woof!

We offer our fur friends the chance to be featured here on the website and/or on the Puppy Tales Facebook and Instagram.  Below are the ways we find and select the gorgeous dogs we share:

1. Book a Photography Session with Us

We make no bones about it!  We LOVE to photograph dogs and would love to meet and photograph yours.  And we adore sharing them – in our Dog Tales and on social media.

Fetch yourself further information on our gorgeous photography over here.

2. Send us your Doggie Details

Complete the form we’ve put together to get to know your dog and likely feature them.

3. Via our Instagram Hashtags

Follow Us (@puppy_tales) on Instagram

Then use the hashtag #puppytales or #puppy_tales on the photos of your dog that you’d like to be considered for being featured!

4. Our Weekly Photo Challenges

Join in the fun of our Weekly Photo Challenges – we share photos from those who participate.

Our Tips for being Featured

Huge high fives to everyone that has shared and continues to share photos, videos and stories of their dogs with us.  We love it!  While we can’t share them all, we thought we’d put together some tips to help your pup stand out and help give you the best chance of being featured:

  • We’re looking for great photos and videos.  That is, those that are clear, well lit, not pixelated and the dog well framed.  
  • Your dog’s eye contact is always going to be a good thing!
  • We love to see their paw-sonality shine through – whether that be excited, shy, quirky or crazy!
  • We’ll give priority to those who support our fundraising (you’ll definitely be featured with a big heartfelt thankyou) and those that are active members of the Puppy Tales community.
  • All dogs are amazing! We aim to share a mix of breeds (including gorgeous mixed breeds and beautiful rescues), shapes, sizes, ages and talents.

Stay pawsome, Kerry

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