Ezzie Dog Bed

We have a shed in the backyard for the dogs to use when we are not at home. However, Cress and Eddie don’t seem to like to spend much time in there even when it rains. I thought part of the reason could be that the shed floor – and therefore their current bed – can get cold and damp. We decided to get an Ezzie trampoline bed to see if it would entice them in and be a better solution for that space.


The bed is made out of galvanised steel with a black trampoline material cover. The material is both flea and soil resistant and easy to clean. The steel frame raises the bed off the ground so it’s cool in Summer and doesn’t get damp in Winter.


We have had our bed for 4 months and it has been exposed to the elements and to muddy paws, and it still looks as good as new. I expect this bed to last for some time but if we have any issues I will update this post.


The price seems fairly consistent with other trampoline-type beds I have seen around and it should be an investment that you only make once for several years. I have seen cheaper brands at some online stores but they work out the same price once shipping is included.


The bed seems very strong and it says on the label that it is suitable for all weights and sizes. However, the safety of the bed will also rely on your ability to assemble it correctly (see Extra notes).


A – 61cm x 46cm (24″ x 18 “)
B – 73cm x 54cm (28″ x 21″)
C – 82cm x 61cm (32″ x 24″)
D – 94cm x 61cm (37″ x 24″)
E – 107cm x 76cm (42″ x 30″)
F – 117cm x 81cm (46″ x 32”)
We purchased a size D.

Extra notes

This bed usually comes flat packed and so you are required to assemble it yourself. This means you need to have your own screwdriver and wrench sets (the latter of which we did not previously have). It was easy to assemble but did require two people to line up the holes for the bolts.


  • Fairly light weight so I have found it easy to move back and forth from our shed to the deck.
  • It’s black and easy to clean so it doesn’t get that dirty.


  • Rough metal feet could scratch timber floors.


Even though it takes a little effort to put together this is a strong and durable bed that works well outside.

Have you got a great dog bed? Tell us about it.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a blogger, digital strategist, business coach, zoologist and crazy dog-lady! Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. That equates to a lot of fun and vacuuming. Her dog’s names are Cresswell and Edwina (or Cress and Eddie).