Dog Tales of Australia : Destination Ideas and Inspiration

The Puppy Tales Pack would love your help in sniffing the MOST PAWSOME doggy destinations and to-do’s.

Where is it that your dog would set the sat-nav for if they could get their paws on it?

What are your favourite places that you’ve visited or things you’ve done with your best buddy?


As we arrive in the destinations of our Dog Tales of Australia adventure, we’ll be looking to discover(where dog’s welcome, of course):

  • The best walks, hikes and places to explore with the dogs,
  • The best beach, or place for a swim,
  • Where to find the best coffee, brunch, meals, and beers
  • Amazing spots for sunrise and sunset,
  • The best dog inclusive activities,
  • Local hidden secrets,
  • Any must see’s or do’s, and
  • Where we should lay our heads at the end of busy days!


Please let us know the details in the form below:

  • Please be as specific as pawsible, including address, postcodes, how to get there details, when you visited, tips for visiting and any other information that will be helpful for us.

Woofs and wags

Kerry and the Puppy Tales pack