Dogs of Christmas

Inspiration – Who doesn’t love dogs and puppies? Who doesn’t love christmas? Could there be anything better than combining the two!! I think not!

Working towards a personal project, even a small one like the Gorgeous Dogs of Christmas, adds variety and interest. And it’s great fun!

I work with several rescues so several of the dogs involved were foster dogs – eye catching photography for them is great for helping to find their forever homes and also for highlighting the work of the rescues.

The dogs involved:

1. Ronnie was a foster with Australian Working Dog Rescue. He is the cutest little nugget! He’s a Corgi x Cattle Dog and just the most adorable puppy in looks and nature! It’s not surprising that he has now found an wonderful family.

Ronnie the corgi x cattle dogRonnie Photo by Akemi Photography

2. Pumpkin was a foster with Shar Pei Rescue. At the time she was photographed she was 9 months old and very shortly after that she found her amazing forever home! I think her wrinkles and expression are just perfect for a Christmas angel!

Pumpkin the Shar PeiPumpkin Photo by Akemi Photography

3. Herbie – Ohh Emm Gee – do I love dogs with different coloured eyes or do I LOVE dogs with different coloured eyes? Border Collie Herbie was was such a beautiful and gentle boy! He couldn’t not be touching his human and I think this slightly sad face is because she came over to stand next to me!

Herbie Border CollieHerbie Photo by Akemi Photography

4. Beemo is a Beaglier (or a Beagle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) puppy. He was a cute and playful as you would expect!

Beemo the BeaglierBeemo Photo by Akemi Photography


Dogs of Christmas from Akemi Photography 





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