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Dogs in the office: Bespoke Letterpress

I am a massive advocate of having dogs in the workplace — because the benefits can be profound. In my own life one of the massive draw-cards for leaving my corporate career was spending more time with Cress and Eddie. Therefore, whenever I come across a workplace that embraces their furry colleagues I am always interested to find out more about their setup and any advice they would give to others who want to have dogs in their workplace.

I am also a HUGE lover of all things stationery and have been a big fan of Bespoke Letterpress for a while. After checking out their new products one day I hit their ‘About’ section and found out that two integral members of their team were:

  • Miss Ruby Tuesday — studio manager and courier spokesperson. Ruby is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who just turned eight!
  • Miss Daisy — World’s cutest design assistant. Daisy is a Maltalier (Maltese x Cavalier) and is nearly 2.

Ruby TuesdayRuby in the studio

Of course I immediately emailed the team at Bespoke Letterpress and Alischa, the Director, was kind enough to do this interview about her dogs.

How do Ruby and Daisy fit into the Bespoke Letterpress Studio?

Ruby and Daisy are vital team members! They are very much part of our team, and bring with them gorgeous gentle natures, a love of hanging out in the studio, sniffing our inks and occasionally stealing paper as it falls off the press!

Daisy is much more lazy and spends most of her time on her studio bed asleep, whilst Ruby is much more involved in the day to day operations and likes to ensure that she is across all aspects of our studio! She is most happy keeping us company in our studio office, but is also beside herself to come into the print room and lay by the presses as they whoosh, chomp and clank away, printing our stationery. Both dogs very much enjoy visitors into the studio, and our daily courier drop offs and pick ups are always a source of excitement for them both.

How often do Ruby and Daisy come to the studio?

Every day! We operate our studio from our home base – we are very lucky to live on an acre of land in beautiful Bowral. The studio is operated out of a separate premise on our property, so the dogs make the daily short walk from the house, to the studio, for their daily dose of work.

Miss DaisyDaisy relaxing

Do you have a special set-up in the studio for Ruby and Daisy?

Yes, they have special beds inside the studio, as well as additional beds outside in the studio courtyard. The highlands can get very cold in winter, but also quite warm in summer, so they usually choose to come indoors — but will often go lay out in the sunny patch of the courtyard during the colder months!

What would you say the benefits are of having Daisy and Ruby at work?

All of us in the team (except for one cat lady) have at least one dog in our household, so we are very much dog lovers! Having the dogs in the studio is not only lovely company, but it also brings a lot of joy and happiness, and an extra sense of special to our day to day operations. We couldn’t imagine not having our furry friends spend the day with us.

Have you ever run into any issues with Daisy and Ruby being in the studio?

No never, other than them getting very excited when they hear someone has arrived at the door, we’ve never encountered any problems with visitors.

Ruby TuesdayRuby with a Letterpress

What would be your top three tips for anyone else wanting to bring their dog to work?

  1. Give them their own designated space and bed.
  2. Initially make coming to work a treat, so they know that when they come inside to their special place, it is a privilege, but not a right to be in your work environment.
  3. Make going for small walks part of the day to day operations – it is good for the dogs, and good to have a little outdoors break yourself.

Thanks to Alischa and Yesha from Bespoke Letterpress for the interview and images. Bespoke Letterpress operate from two studios – one in Brisbane and one in the Southern Highlands south of Sydney. They print the old fashioned way, using antique cast iron machines, letterpress printing on imported luxuriously thick cotton paper, mixed with patience, perfection and a whole lot of love. Check out their work — it is gorgeous!

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