Dog Tales of Australia – The Woofly Report – March

Welcome to the first installment of the Dog Tales of Australia – The Woofly Report!

We’re going to put together a wrap up post for each month we’re on the road in our Dog Tales of Australia adventure – and of course, it must have an appropriate name, so we’ve decided on calling ours the Woofly Report.  Our aim with this is to give you a quick look at what we’ve been up to, the highlights and the things that didn’t quite go according to plan and what we’ve learnt.

We’ve included links to anywhere that has further information, so if something’s of interest then you can find out more.

March Overview

🗺️  Destinations Visited – Port Welshpool, Lakes Entrance, Bermagui, Narooma, Canberra, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie

🔷 Borders Crossed – 3 – Vic/NSW, NSW/ACT, ACT/NSW

🚙 KM’s Matilda (our car) has travelled – 2,911km – 1,374km towing Mawson (our caravan).

🚶🏽‍♀️Steps the humans have taken –  392,992 (daily average 14,555)

⛽  Diesel 428 litres 💲587

🍦 Icecreams – 8


👱🏻‍♀️ Kerry – Paddleboarding Lake Wallaga (Bermagui)

🙎🏻‍♂️ Sam – Narooma Boardwalk

🐶 Keiko – Strolling (and being treated like a king 👑)

🐶 Summer – Lake Tyres Beach (Lakes Entrance)

🐕 Hike/Walk –  Lake Wallaga Coastal Walk (Bermagui)

🍽️ Cafe –  Bloody Good Coffee (Lakes Entrance)

🍷 Winery –  Murrumbateman Winery (Canberra)

🍺 Brewery – Capital Brewing Co (Canberra)

🏖️ Beach –  Camel Rock (Bermagui)

🏄🏼‍♂️ Paddle Boarding – Lake Wallaga (Bermagui)

Keiko’s Recap for March


👱🏻‍♀️ Kerry –  Paddleboarding without falling in the water! Yappy hour cocktails with the dogs.

🙎🏻‍♂️ Sam – Cooking scones on the Webber Q

🐶 Keiko – Going on a Sailboat

🐶 Summer – Going on a Sailboat

Big things found – Nil

Wildlife Spotted – Seals, 🦀, Stingrays (big ones!), 🐟,  🐦

Gorgeous Dogs Meet – Zach &  (Lakes Entrance), Flynn (Canberra) & Indi (Central Coast)

Summer’s Recap for March

📸 Photos taken –  5,100

✈️ Drone flight hours –  1.5 hours

🌄 Best Sunset / Sunrise – Canberra

☀️ Hottest Day 37’C in Narooma

❄️ Coldest Night 5’C in Canberra

Ooppps!, Mishaps & Lessons Learnt

Keiko rupturing his Cruciate Ligament

Not something we would want to happen whether we were traveling or not, but rupturing a cruciate is one of the most common injuries that dogs can occur.  And for Keiko that happened whilst he was enjoying a lovely frolic through a paddock when we were staying with friends in Canberra.  While we can’t 100% sure, it’s likely that he stepped into a divot or rabbit hole and did the damage.  We’re so grateful to the incredible care we’re received from Dr Glenn at Toukley Vet who did the surgery and the nurses are Moonee Beach Vets who removed the stitches for the incredible care and help they’ve provided Keiko and us.  Managing this has been going fairly well while travelling – confined space of a caravan has been handy, having both of us able to monitor him at all times and purchasing a doggie mobile (aka a dog stroller) have meant that Keiko is recovering well.  While he won’t be fully recovered for a couple of months, he’s still able to get out & about and experience almost everything on the trip and fortunately we’ve found some great paved places to walk and even some beaches with hard sand.

Argh Data Dramas!  

We upgraded one of our phones phone and our plans to commence our trip.  In activating these services, Telstra turned off our data notifications and didn’t sync the monitoring app for the sim cards/devices we now had.  So although we were closely monitoring the data we were using, the information wasn’t accurate.  Come the end of the month we received a heart palpitating bill.  Trying to discuss with Telstra what was going on mid-month (when we first realised that something wasn’t right) and then discussing with billing, was, as my Uncle Bill would have said, as useless as ‘tits on a bull’.  While something we definitely weren’t happy with, our reasons for sharing here is two fold.  One, so that if you’re in similar circumstances (upgrading your services or travelling having switched from fixed internet services) you can hopefully avoid this happening to you.  And secondly, to tell you about what we did as a result. Having spending several days using free internet found at cafes and local libraries (which is a great option on weekdays but not so great over an Easter long weekend!) we researched and found Ovo with a 100Gb data plan for $70 a month. They are on the Optus network and since getting that at Easter we’ve been about to use that network everywhere that we can use the Telstra network.  Much cheaper, accurate & timely data usage information & so easy to set up.  If we could go back in time (ah hindsight!) would be on a much smaller plan with Telstra (for phone calls and data use where other networks don’t cover) and combine that with a much cheaper data only plan like that provided by Ovo.

Mosquito & Midge Magnet

We already knew that Kerry was a magnet for bites and no surprises that’s continued while travelling. Not keen on using DEET based products every day (although probably will in the areas where they are most needed) we’ve now stocked up on a whole bunch of different natural repellents and different ‘stop itch’ products that we’ll test out.  Will let you know what we find to be particularly effective.


Have we covered everything that you’d like to see or would find helpful?  If there’s something more you’d like for us to add, just please let us know in the comments.  

Next month it’s Northern NSW and Southern Queensland Coasts that we’re heading to.  If you have any suggestions or local tips, we’d also love to hear them.

Want to travel vicariously with us in real time…. be sure to join us @dogtalesofaustralia on Facebook and @puppy_tales on Instagram.

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