Dog Photo Challenge ~ Spring

It’s September now and that means spring!  

While the weather could be a little warmer and less rainy, we certainly have all the spring signs – lots of gorgeous colour in spring flowers and green, green grass.

I love these things about Spring, so that has inspired this week’s ‘Spring’ Photo Challenge!

This Week’s Photo Challenge Theme: SPRING

What’s you favourite thing about spring? Why not set out this weekend to incorporate that in your photos? It might be the colours of spring or including your favourite spring flowers. Maybe it’s an outing to a gorgeous spring park or garden. Perhaps it’s getting caught out in a spring shower. Maybe it’s a romp or roll in the green spring grass. Or perhaps it’s being able head out for a longer walk as the days get longer.

And, as always, you’re welcome to apply the theme creatively. If you live elsewhere in the world where, it’s not currently Spring then you’re welcome to dig into your photos and find a photo from a previous Spring. If you live in a place that doesn’t have the four seasons (like in the tropics) then applying the theme creatively must just be the option for you! Find somewhere local with flowers, or incorporate them into your photos!

We can’t wait to check out all your gorgeous Spring Doggie photos this week!

Please ensure that you don’t allow your dog to eat flowers and be very cautious when (or avoid) placing them near any flowers that may be toxic to them.  The ASPCA has a comprehensive list of plants that are toxic to your pets – it’s well worth checking out and bookmarking.  

Some ‘SPRING’ Photo Inspiration

In these ‘Spring’ inspired photos we have:

Top: Our Border Collie Puppy Summer amidst some spring flowering native plants (sorry, I’m not good with Botany to know exactly what they are!)

Middle: Commander Spock, the Australian Cattle Dog cross, poses with yellow tulips (and mud!); Samoyed puppy Mistletoe brought flowers along for her studio session – how simply divine is she?

Our Japanese Spitz Keiko beautifully shows both Spring Showers and Spring Flowers – during a recent walk we got caught in the rain, but still stopped to pose in front of the beautiful yellow wattle.

Labrador puppy Archie and Australian Shepherd Barkley both look stunning with the red tulips.

Bottom: Border Collie Rosie against a backdrop of spring blossoms.

Puppy Tales Photo Challenge ~ Spring

Sharing your ‘SPRING’ Photos

Meeting and hearing all about your dogs and the love you have for them makes our day! There’s lots of ways to share your photos for this weeks challenge:

  • On Facebook – Post your photo under the theme post when it appears on Facebook.
  • On Instagram – Tag your photos that fit the theme with #pt_spring so we can find them!
  • In the Comments – Share your photo in the comments below. If you have photos on other photo sharing sites (like 500px or Flickr) then feel free to leave a link to your photo in the comments.

However you share, don’t forget to include your dog’s name/s. If there is a great story, or puppy tale, that goes with your photo then we’d also love to hear it! Especially if you’re sending us something creative and we may not immediately ‘get’ how your photo fits the theme!


Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.